Eligibility Criteria

Can I apply if I am not enrolled at the time of the internship?

No. You have to be enrolled at a university in the United States, Canada, Great Britain or Ireland at the time of the internship.

Who can apply for an internship?

The RISE Professional internship program is open to graduate students at universities in the United States, Canada, Great Britain or Ireland.
Undergraduate students may apply if they are RISE Germany Alumni.
Enrolled students do not need to have citizenship or permanent residence status in one of these countries in order to apply for the RISE Professional program.
Students have to proof their enrolment in a study program at a North American, British or Irish university at the time of the internship.

I do not have US, Canadian, British or Irish citizenship. Am I eligible to apply?

Provided that you study at a United States, Canadian, British or Irish university/college, you are very welcome to apply. The application process is the same for US, Canadian, British and Irish citizens as for international students, so you do not need to submit any additional documents. However, you may need to obtain a visa for Germany and make sure that you will be allowed to re-enter the US, Canada, UK or Ireland after the internship. For visa-related information, visit the website of the German Federal Foreign Office.
Attention German Citizenship holders: You are only eligible to apply if you can prove that you have been living outside of Germany for six years or more.

I received a RISE Germany scholarship last year and I am still going to have undergraduate status next summer. Can I apply for RISE Germany AND for RISE Professional?

No. Although you are eligible to apply for both programs, you must choose one.  A parallel application for RISE Germany and RISE Professional is not possible.

Are the first applications preferred?

All applications will be send together to the companies. There will be no first come first served filling of the internship offers.

What if my studies are not included in the RISE Professional program but similar to science?

Please feel free to check the internship offers carefully because there might be some offers which include aspects of your studies.

Do I have to be able to speak German?

German language ability is not required unless otherwise noted in the individual project descriptions. Basic knowledge of German will prove helpful in everyday life.
For those who plan to attend a language course in Germany, DAAD will cover 70 % of course-fees (max.500,- Euros).

Do I need a visa or a residence permit?

US and Canadian citizens who stay for 90 days or less in Germany do not need a visa either. Students without such citizenship are strongly advised to check with the German Federal Foreign Office or your embassy whether they require one (see www.auswaertiges-amt.de).

Application process

What should the Cover letter include?

You are required to write a cover letter for each of the offers you apply to. You should describe your motivation for applying for a research internship, and you should supplement your resume by explaining how your past experience has prepared you for the position. You may also add a few words about your plans for the future. As salutary address you can use: “To whom it may concern”; or  “Dear Sir/Madam” or better the Name of the Supervisor.

Who should write the letter of reference and what should it contain?

Ask a senior academic from your university who can judge how well you would perform in an international research internship setting. For this purpose, someone who has taught a small class that you attended or supervised you in the laboratory is the best choice. Please ask your referee (has to hold a PhD degree at least) to upload the letter of recommendation in the online database and not to write it in the database’s “Remarks” text field. The letter of reference has to be submitted with the official letter head of the respective university and the referee’s original signature. We, therefore, propose to scan and convert the letter of reference into a pdf document before submitting it online. Please find below a guideline for your professor of what the letter of reference should contain:
– Since when and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
– The applicant is among the best students (in %): 5 %; 10 %;  20%; 30%; or no assessment possible
– How does the applicant stand out in academic and personal terms and how would you assess his/her potential?
– Of what significance is the aspired scholarship to the applicant’s academic and professional career?
– Additional information that could be of importance to the scholarship award decision?
– Degree of approval: Emphatic approval; Approval; Conditional Approval

How should the letter of reference be submitted?

Your letter of reference has to be submitted by your professor online. After you have logged in to the database and have saved your application for the first time you will find a field named “Letter of Reference – Please create a link for every professor.” Please insert you professor’s name and email address here. An email will be send to your professor.  In the email your professor will be guided to an online portal where he/she has to register first. After the registration your professor will receive a confirmation email that the registration has been successful. Now, he/she can submit the letter of recommendation for you.

What should the official Transcript look like?

You have to upload a current official transcript in your online application. It does not matter if the transcript bears an “issued to student” stamp. Only official transcripts are accepted! Please feel free to open the sealed envelope in which you might receive your transcript in order to scan and upload it to the RISE Professional online application.

What should the List of subjects include?

Since the transcript often only lists abbreviations of the courses and the German employers may not know these abbreviations the list of subjects is only meant to give an additional surview of your studies. This is also your chance to explain the relevant classes (content of the courses) if you like. Besides some of the transcripts do not show the courses that you are taking right now. Therefore this is a good chance to list and explain the courses that are relevant for the internship.