The DAAD RISE Professional internship was an excellent experience. I have exposure to a new research topic, I have friends and professional contacts from countless countries around the globe, I improved my German language skills, I took a crash course in bureaucracy, and I have explored many new places. I want to thank BASF and the DAAD for the opportunity to learn and explore Germany! I know I will come back someday. Read the full report...

James Crawford, RISE Professional intern at BASF SE, 2019

Learn about the amazing experiences of North American students who came to work at German companies. Find out how rewarding exchanging ideas can be and how enriching it is to be a part of it.


Tianyuan Cao, Dresden, Quo Data – Quality and Statistics, 2019

Westley Bauer, Limburger Hof, BASF SE, 2017

Albert Nguyen, Ludwigshafen, BASF SE, 2017

Sara Mirali, Göttingen, DPZ, 2015

Adam Flacyk, Langen, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, 2013


James Crawford, Ludwigshafen, BASF SE, 2019

Mohammad Nazari, Ludwigshafen, BASF, 2018

Jenny Tian, Hanau, Evonik Industries AG, 2014

Brian Kispert, Ludwigshafen, BASF, 2014

Richard Galas, Ludwigshafen, BASF, 2013

Computer Science

Xu Hai, Munich, Siemens AG, 2019

Juliette Daily, Leverkusen, Bayer Business Services GmbH, 2019

Edward Donlon, Ingelfingen-Criesbach, Buerkert Fluid Control Systems, 2019

Earth Science

Rohit Saraf, Mainz, Schott AG, 2019

Megha Shrestha, Freiberg, Beak Consultants GmbH, 2018

Shreejana Bhattarai, Freiberg, Beak Consultants GmbH, 2017

Tarini Bhatnagar, Jülich, Forschungszentrum Jülich, 2016


Sebastian Huayamares, Augsburg, Fraunhofer IGCV, 2019

Alyse Krausz, Karlsruhe, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems, 2018

Hai Doan, Renningen, Robert Bosch GmbH, 2018

Andrew Ruttinger, Berlin, Alacris Thernostics GmbH, 2018

Ashish Kapoor, Jena, Fraunhofer-Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF), 2018

Michael Sgarioto, Darmstadt, Evonik Performance Materials GmbH, 2017

Devan Tchir, Hamburg, Fitbase GmbH, 2017

Rahul Balakrishna Warrier, München, Siemens AG, 2017

Ahmed Redissi, Stuttgart, Alcatel Lucent – Bell Labs, 2016


Christopher Klingshirn, Ludwigshafen, BASF SE, 2017

Gabriel Ehrlich, Berlin, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, 2015

Sujoy Ghosh,  Berlin, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, 2015