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  • Madras High Court, Indien. Altes Gebäude in Indien. - A New Passage to India

    A New Passage to India

    The programme aims to increase young German academics’ understanding of India; bring German and Indian students, graduates and doctoral candidates into contact.

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  • Landscape - AGGN


    The The African Good Governance Network supports a group of highly qualified academics supports a group of highly qualified academics from sub-Saharan Africa.

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  • Cover of the Programme "Alumnitreffen" - Alumni Programme AA and BMZ

    Alumni Programme AA and BMZ

    The programme supports German universities with activities that serve professional training, cooperation and networking with international alumni.

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  • Two men and two women walking on the Uni campus - Alumni Special Projects

    Alumni Special Projects

    In the Alumni Special Projects programme professionals from different countries have the opportunity to come into contact.

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  • A group of person sit for the photo. They are in a room with table. - AMEA


    The AMEA project supports the training of highly qualified specialists and managerial staff in the Afghan mining industry.

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  • Group of people on stairs - CAMINOS


    The CAMINOS Project was initiated to strengthen the Latin American Higher Education Space.

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  • Two poeple wearing white lab coats are studying plants in a lab. - CoCiBio


    German and Ecuadorian partners should be enabled to carry out joint research at a high level and to develop application-oriented results.

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  • Student - EPOS


    The EPOS programme offers individual scholarships to participants from developing countries so that they may study development-related postgraduate courses.

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  • People wave small EU flags. - EUN


    “European University Networks (EUN) – national initiative” is the accompanying national programme for German higher education institutions.

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  • A group photo of people standing on a flight of stairs leading up to a building. - exceed


    The exceed programme supports the development of competence centres by German universities and their partners in developing countries.

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  • People sitting in front of each other talking. - Fact Finding Missions

    Fact Finding Missions

    The Fact Finding Missions programme helps German university lecturers to meet potential cooperation partners in DAC countries.

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  • image sign of the price - FFO Prize

    FFO Prize

    The Federal Foreign Office Prize for excellent international student support services at German universities – 2017 call for applications

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  • Two man sitting on stairs - GMIT


    Mongolia has one of the world’s largest reserves of raw materials. However, there is only a limited number of highly qualified technical specialists.

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  • six reasearchers are looking at a book - GSSP


    Doctoral education in structured PhD programmes has become an essential part of the qualification process of young academics in Europe and Germany.

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  • Student smiling into the camera - HAQAA


    The HAQAA-Initiative is implemented by DAAD and its consortium partners.

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  • Integra, Integration, refugees, admission, degree, programmes - Integra


    Integra enables academically qualified refugees at German universities and preparatory colleges to prepare for admission to regular degree programmes.

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  • Four women holding diplomas. - IPID4all


    Through the IPID4all programme, German universities can combine specific measures in order to enhance the internationalisation of the doctoral phase.

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  • People sitting in a conference room. - ISAP


    International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP) are institutional cooperative structures between German and international universities.

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  • A man and a woman are smiling at the camera. - KOSPIE


    The DAAD supports the new academic generation in newly industrialised countries in Latin America and Southern Asia with special scholarship programmes.

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  • A student standing in a classroom. In the background students are talking with each other. - Lehramt.International


    The DAAD assists teacher training students during their stays abroad, simultaneously supporting higher education institutions.

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  • Mann sitzt vor Bildschwirm und schaut in die Kamera - Material Resources Programme

    Material Resources Programme

    In order to support and strengthen university partnerships, the Material Resources Programme funds equipment university infrastructure in developing countries.

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  • Wind turbines standing on green fields. - MOPGA-GRI


    The clock is ticking–the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement have made clear what needs to change. But many aspects of the climate change are still unexplored.

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  • Construction workers install solar cells on a roof. - NoPA


    In the context of the programme NoPA,the DAAD supports German-Brazilian research collaborations.

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  • A nurse is talking to a doctor. - PAGEL


    The Partnerships for the Health Sector in Developing Countries (PAGEL) programme supports high-quality training and continuing education opportunities.

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  • Fünf Forscher in einem Labor - Partnerships with Sub-Saharan Africa

    Partnerships with Sub-Saharan Africa

    Integrated approach to interlinking work on research topics and the implementation of that work in practice with postgraduate education and further training.

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  • Aerial-Panorama shot of Tlemcen. a city in the north west of algeria. - PAUWES


    The DAAD supports the development of the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (incl. Climate Change) (PAUWES).

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  • A group photo in front of Palms. - PESEREE


    The aim is to design a more application-oriented joint degree course in renewable energies.

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  • People are sitting at a table, talking. - PPGG


    The Helmut-Schmidt-Programme supports future leaders who strive to promote democracy and social justice.

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  • woman in front of screen - PROFI


    PROFI Programme – Promoting professional integration of academics with a refugee background in the German labour market

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  • People are sitting in a conference room. One man is holding a presentation. - SDG


    The programme seeks to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

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  • Group of people posing for camera - SHARE


    SHARE is an EU-Grant funded project implemented by a consortium.

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  • Two students looking at a worldmap - SP and TN

    SP and TN

    On April 18th our international conference on Strategic Partnerships took place in Berlin.

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  • A woman is going down the stairs - UAS.International


    The DAAD is helping students and researchers at universities of applied sciences carry out study and research visits abroad.

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  • Two students in the library - University-Business-Partnerships


    The "University-Business-Partnerships" programme promotes the development of courses of study that are relevant to the labour market and practice-oriented.

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  • Students and refugees talking with each other - Welcome


    Providing guidance, offering support, breaking down barriers: hundreds of students throughout Germany are committed to helping refugees gain orientation.

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