"Digital Education Space": With the BIRD-Project on a prototypical path to a National Digital Education Platform

Person arbeitet am Laptop

The Corona pandemic has led to a new understanding of teaching and learning in the digital space and age. The BIRD ("Bildungsraum Digital") consortium pilot project, coordinated by the and funded by the BMBF as part of the initiative, aims to develop a prototype of a federated infrastructure to demonstrate the feasibility of a future .

In the form of an IT infrastructure or meta-platform, existing and new education platforms or portals as well as digital teaching, learning and service offerings of all education sectors (school, higher education, vocational training and adult as well as continuing education) are to be connected nationwide in order to enable seamless digitisation processes for learners as well as teachers. The focus is on lifelong learners. They are to be digitally equipped with BIRD in such a way that, in the context of their student journey, they can use the variety of educational offers of the federal national education system in a manageable way. In addition, individual learning paths can be implemented. This should facilitate access and social participation in education as well as the independent networking and collaboration of learners.

In addition to the BIRD prototype, three other prototype projects are being funded as part of the "National Education Platform Initiative". Although these follow different networking approaches, they are compatible with one another and mutually validate each other. In addition, there are 57 further individual projects that are dedicated to the development of learning path-oriented teaching and learning offers ("Objective 1 projects") on the one hand and the generation of methodological knowledge and digital competences for teachers ("Objective 2 projects") on the other. All projects are to be linked to BIRD to underline the networking concept and demonstrate seamless transitions. In concrete terms, this means that the BIRD prototype is constantly evolving and continuously growing to meet the demands of the education system.