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The BIRD project is developing a prototype of the vision "National Education Platform" as part of an initiative by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The project aims to identify key requirements of the platform call in exchange with stakeholders of the education landscape.

Learning in exchange with the community

Successful digitisation of education requires new solutions that meet the dynamic demands of our time. However, anyone who wants to create digital added value cannot and should not determine a ready-made solution, but rather develop it with people who are to use the result in the end and in the long term. 

The BIRD project has a research and development character and explores solution approaches, requirements and experiences for the future National Education Platform by BMBF in form of a prototype and continuously tests its operability.

With this BIRD provides a new project approach in which players in the education landscape are given space to explore the digital future of the teaching-learning world together.

BIRD aims to develop a solution for a digital national education platform that links existing and new education services throughout Germany (and is compatible with European standards). Individual components are connected in the form of a large networking platform and interoperability is created between them. In this way, an ecosystem of independent educational services will be created, which will offer support to the users operating within it on their educational paths.

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