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  1. Cover of the Programme African Excellence

    African Excellence – Centres of African Excellence

    The DAAD helps African universities establish centres of excellence, improve the quality of the education they provide, and increase their research capacities.


  2. Workshop for the further training of international alumni.

    Alumni Programme for Further Training and Integrating International Alumni

    The funding programme supports German universities and research institutions with activities for professional training and networking of alumni.


  3. Group of people on stairs

    CAMINOS: Enhancing and Promoting Latin American Mobility

    The CAMINOS Project was initiated to strengthen the Latin American Higher Education Space.


  4. Two poeple wearing white lab coats are studying plants in a lab.

    German-Ecuadorian Research Co-operation Programme on Biodiversity and Climate Change (2019-2021)

    German and Ecuadorian partners should be enabled to carry out joint research at a high level and to develop application-oriented results.


  5. Lazarett - Männer in Schutzanzügen tragen einen Patienten

    German–Mexican University Collaboration to Promote Academic Exchange between Forensic Doctors in Mexico and Germany in 2021 and 2022

    German–Mexican University Collaboration to Promote Academic Exchange between Forensic Doctors in Mexico and Germany in 2021 and 2022


  6. DAAD

    Dialogue promoting study programmes

    In the Middle East there is a shortage of highly qualified academics and managerial staff able to transcend religious and political boundaries and work together


  7. Student

    Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS)

    The EPOS programme offers individual scholarships to participants from developing countries so that they may study development-related postgraduate courses.


  8. Group picture Tunis

    Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa (EpU)

    DAAD funding programme "Strengthening the labour market-oriented and employability approach of HEIs in Africa - Entrepreneurial Universities in Africa (EpU)"


  9. group picture, people on stairs in front of an building

    Excellence Centres for Exchange and Development - exceed

    The exceed programme supports the development of competence centres by German universities and their partners in developing countries.


  10. People sitting in front of each other talking.

    Fact Finding Missions

    The Fact Finding Missions programme helps German university lecturers to meet potential cooperation partners in DAC countries.


  11. man and woman looking at a plant

    Global Centres for Climate and Environment as well as for Health and Pandemic Prevention

    Global Centres for Climate and Environment and for Health and Pandemic Prevention


  12. Two man sitting on stairs

    German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT)

    Mongolia has one of the world’s largest reserves of raw materials. However, there is only a limited number of highly qualified technical specialists.


  13. Student smiling into the camera

    Harmonisation, Accreditation and Quality Assurance in African Higher Education (HAQAA2)

    The HAQAA-Initiative is implemented by DAAD and its consortium partners.


  14. Group of listeners

    Higher Education Management (DIES)

    DIES offers measures like training courses, dialogue events, projects and partnerships that foster professionalisation of institutional management processes.


  15. Panorama Amman

    Higher education with Jordan and Lebanon to support Syrian university staff

    The programme aims to have German universities work with Jordanian/Lebanese universities to provide joint advanced education programmes for Syrian academics.


  16. Cropped shot of university students sitting in class 871569792

    Master scholarships for Master students from Sub-Saharan Africa fleeing the war in Ukraine

    Master scholarships for Master students from Sub-Saharan Africa fleeing the war in Ukraine


  17. A woman is smiling and working on a laptop computer.

    In-Country/In-Region Programme in Developing Countries

    The In-Country/In-Region programme supports the training of future professionals and managerial staff in developing countries.


  18. A man and a woman are smiling at the camera.

    Combined Study and Practice Stays for Engineers from Developing Countries (KOSPIE)

    The DAAD supports the new academic generation in newly industrialised countries in Latin America and Southern Asia with special scholarship programmes.


  19. A young man siitting in front of PC looking into the camera

    Material Resources Programme for Institutions of Higher Education in Developing Countries

    In order to support and strengthen university partnerships, the Material Resources Programme funds equipment university infrastructure in developing countries.


  20. Construction workers install solar cells on a roof.

    German-Brazilian Partnerships in Sustainable Development (NoPA)

    In the context of the programme NoPA,the DAAD supports German-Brazilian research collaborations.


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