Higher Education Management (DIES)

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The “Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies“ (DIES) programme is jointly coordinated by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Rectors‘ Conference (HRK) and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). DIES offers a bundle of measures – training courses, dialogue events, projects and partnerships - that foster professionalisation of institutional management processes, alignment of education to international quality standards and strengthening of research capacities. Moreover DIES-alumni are supported to pass on their acquired knowledge which furthers multiplication on a national level. Grounding on the results and experiences gained in higher education management within the framework of the DIES programme, DAAD uses its expertise in the fields of quality assurance and qualification frame in the EU funded projects and .

DIES Programme Lines

  • Group of people standing on a roof of a building - DIES Training Courses

    DIES Training Courses

    DIES training courses offer practical multi-part continuing education programmes for managerial staff at higher education institutions in developing countries.

  • Two women from different ethnicities in a dialogue - DIES Dialogue

    DIES Dialogue

    Conferences, seminars, and information visits are dialogue events that create forums for regional and transregional exchange on current reform topics in university management.

  • Man is speaking in the classroom - DIES-Projects

    DIES Projects

    DIES projects each focus on one particular thematic area. They combine the DIES programme components dialogue events and training courses. This merge of tools is the key attribute of the DIES projects, along with the long-term cooperation with the regional partners. Here, the DAAD and the HRK themselves are usually engaged as cooperation partners.

  • Several people of different origins - DIES Partnerships

    DIES Partnerships

    DIES partnerships support cooperation between German higher education institutions and partners in developing countries in the area of university management and are aimed at bringing about structural improvements at the participating higher education institutions.

  • Two men are looking at the camera - DIES-Alumni

    DIES Alumni

    DIES supports its alumni from the various training courses and projects to pass on their acquired knowledge to their home universities and other universities in their country of origin, thus multiplying the impact at a national level.