Results-oriented monitoring (RoM) at DAAD

The DAAD is an independent intermediary organisation, which is supported as an association by the German universities and student bodies and, as such, implements programmes of different funding bodies.

Being an association of German institutions of higher education and their student bodies , the DAAD serves as an independent intermediary organisation, as such implementing programmes of different funding bodies. Therefore, DAAD is responsible for the results-oriented planning and monitoring of its programmes. At the same time, DAAD provides in its programme announcements the framework for the universities' project planning and/or the awarding of scholarships. In the segment of project funding, the conception and implementation of projects is carried out by the universities. Being an intermediary organisation, it is important for the DAAD to respect the universities’ autonomy, providing them the necessary scope of action as well as the necessary flexibility in the conception of their projects. Against this background, the cooperation with project implementing universities is essential for the success of results-oriented monitoring (RoM ).

In order to provide comprehensive information on its results-based monitoring the DAAD has created a video series.

Introduction to the results-oriented monitoring (in German)

In the first video, you will learn more about the basics of results-based monitoring as well as its added value for universities.

Project applications with results-oriented monitoring (in German)

In the second video of the series, you will learn which steps universities need to follow when applying for a project with results-oriented monitoring.

The role of the results framework for the application (in German)

In the third video of the series, you will learn which purpose the results framework (Wirkungsgefüge) of a DAAD funding programme has for the application process, and how the results framework supports you when completing the project planning overwiev table (Projektplanungsübersicht).


Data collection

DAAD’s results-oriented monitoring obtains its information from different sources. In the field of individual funding, long-term scholarship holders receive a survey at the start, at the end, and three years after the end of their funding. In the field of project funding the annual reports of the project implementing universities are the main source of information.

The universities submit their annual reports via DAAD’s Monitoring-Tool, where a structured report template is provided. The tool can be accessed online via the DAAD portal. In these reports, the universities enter an annual update on their projects’ progress – measured against their project specific targets and corresponding indicators. Additionally, quantitative data on the programme indicators as defined in the indicator catalogue are entered.

In addition to this, further qualitative descriptions, e.g., on challenges and learning experience, are very valuable for the DAAD and further programme development.


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