DAAD network

In practically every corner of the world, DAAD employees share their expertise and ensure that international experience from many different perspectives is channelled into their projects.

The DAAD relies on a network of Regional Offices, Information Centres and Information Points with coverage for more than 70 countries, approximately 400 Lectureships and 77 ‘Langzeitdozenturen’ und ʻGerman Studies Dozenturen’, 20 Centres of German and European Studies, 23 German-language degree programmes in Central and Eastern Europe, a diverse range of DAAD-funded university projects abroad, ranging from individual courses to establishing new universities, and a pool of 430,000 alumni. It is this network which provides the DAAD with a comprehensive view of the political, economic, social and higher-educational circumstances in each respective country.

Thanks to this network, the DAAD is able to gain expertise for developing suitable programmes and ensuring that funding is put to the best possible use on location. Furthermore, 19 regional offices and numerous information centres and information points offer academic advice to students and researchers around the world who are interested in studying abroad or becoming better acquainted with the German research sector. Through targeted marketing measures, such as higher education fairs and information events, the DAAD presents a modern image of Germany, and in so doing, makes talented academics aware of Germany’s reputation as an attractive place to study and research. And later, when foreign scholarship holders leave Germany and return to their home countries, they can continue to rely on the DAAD network. The regional offices, ICs and IPs organise regular alumni meetings and seminars, which promote and cultivate long term contacts between DAAD alumni and the next generation of scholarship recipients.

DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - German Academic Exchange Service