The Postdoc-NeT-AI Tour 11/2020

What is the Postdoc-NeT-AI?

Twice a year we select a group of outstanding international postdoctoral researchers to visit the German hotspots in artificial intelligence. The visits cover a wide range of research fields and applications. They provide our guests both with a general overview of the German Science System and a deeper insight into the current research as well as the funding and career opportunities in specific research areas in German academia and industry.


In these challenging times, where the Covid-19 crisis impacts both our private and professional lives we are all confronted with high uncertainty. Therefore, we want to highlight, that we are looking forward to your application no matter where you are applying from. We will do our best to support the participation of all qualified candidates either in the current or, if not possible, in an upcoming tour.

The Postdoctoral Networking Tour in Artificial Intelligence, 22 - 28 November 2020

During the upcoming Postdoc-NeT-AI in November we will visit AI research hotspots in southern Germany. Here, leading Universities und public research institutions in AI are clustered together with world industrial leaders with a long tradition of innovation in technology, creating a unique breeding environment for new paths in basic research and new innovative applications in AI. Our hosts will span various actors from the different fields like the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, the Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence or the Technical University of Munich covering research areas from robustness and explainability, health and medicine, data privacy and transparency, mobility and autonomous driving to remote sensing, natural language processing, computer vision and graphics, and robotics. As participant you will not only get to know the work of the research teams and take part in exclusive tours of the research laboratories and venues. You will also be able to present and discuss your own work in interactive academic formats and a unique intimate and engaging setting.



Please note:

  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions might apply. If the participation of a successful candidate is prevented by persisting restrictions tied to the Covid-19 pandemic, acceptance and funding eligibility can be transferred to a subsequent tour.
  • Further, in dealing with highly sensitive research areas additional restrictions addressing the risk of industrial espionage and dual use issues might apply.


If you have any questions or want to stay informed about the development of the Postdoc-NeT-AI project, please contact us .