The AInet Fellows

Twice a year we select a group of excellent international researchers from the field of AI and grow our network of current fellows and alumni. You can find all the fellows of the past networking tours below.

  • Name Affiliation Research area
    Stanford U Biomedical Data Science
    Duke U Computer systems design
    MIT AI for Climate Change
    EPFL Networks, Knowledge Graphs
    unibz Knowledge Repr., Ontologies
    RIST Deep Learning, CV
    IIT Delhi Image Processing, Biometrics
    Lviv Polytechnic Artificial Neural Networks
    RIKEN-AIP Robustness in ML
    Cornell U Comp. neuroscience
    Stony Brook U Learning, Comp. biology
    Clemson U   Explainability, Neuroimaging
    ANU and Data61 NLP, Graph Repr.
    IIT Kanpur Robot Learning
    NUI Social networks
    UAT KGs, Semantic Web
    UMass Amherst Data Integration, Trust
    METU CV, Autonomous Driving
    DUK (IIITMK) CV, Signal Processing
    U of California NLP, Fairness
    Penn State U Trustworthy ML / AI
    Oregon State U 3D CV; Deep Learning