Ukraine digital: Ensuring academic success in times of crisis

Frau an Laptop

The DAAD funding programme Ukraine digital supports Ukrainian higher education institutions in implementing digital teaching and helps Ukrainian students to continue their studies digitally.

The war against Ukraine has had a devastating impact on the infrastructure of the Ukrainian education and higher education system. Thus, the programme focuses on the fast implementation of virtual courses. German higher education institutions are supported to enable their Ukrainian partner institutions in maintaining their virtual study programmes. In this way, students and scientists/researchers in and from Ukraine have the prospect of completing their studies despite the limitations caused by the war.


    • Objective 1: Virtual courses for students are expanded, offered, and used by students of the partnering Ukrainian higher education institutions.
    • Objective 2: Lecturers of the partnering Ukrainian higher education institutions, especially those who have fled, are involved in the courses.
    • Objective 3: The expertise for further digitalisation of the participating German and Ukrainian higher education institutions and the professionalisation of digital teaching are available and can be used for the development of further (joint) virtual courses.


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