SLGA - Strengthening Advisory Capacities for Land Governance in Africa

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In the programme "Strengthening Advisory Capacities for Land Policy in Africa" (SLGA), the DAAD supports a fellowship programme available for young academics and professionals from African Union member states in the field of Land Governance and Land Management. The aim is to improve the implementation of land policies by African institutions and experts.


Weak land governance and insecure land rights are still major development challenges for Africa. In most countries there is also strong competition for the use of land for different purposes. While many African countries have shown the political will to pursue reforms and initiatives, their implementation at country level remains at an early stage. Many of them lack the human and institutional advisory capacities required to implement sustainable land policies. This affects all central areas of land management, such as surveying and land use planning, and land administration, such as land title registration and cadastre management. The main reason for the shortage of skilled workers is the qualitatively inadequate education and training courses offered by African universities. In addition, very few countries have practice-oriented knowledge derived from sound scientific research that can be used to shape land policy. The shortage of well-trained university teachers and scientists as well as the need for specialists and managers is currently growing rapidly and continuously due to the intensified expansion of the tertiary education sector and the establishment and expansion of the research landscape, underlining the relevance and topicality of the programme.

Programme Objectives

The aim of the programme is for African institutions and experts to implement improved land policies in selected countries. Important fields of action are to support the African Land Policy Centre (ALPC) in setting up a Network of Excellence on Land Governance in Africa (NELGA) to improve training and further training capacities in the fields of land management and land policy in Africa, as well as to promote needs-based research in Africa and measures for monitoring, evaluation and knowledge exchange in this area.
Always with reference to the subject areas of "Land Governance" and Land Management, the DAAD supports the following measures:

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