International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC)

collaborative leraning

The DAAD funding programme IVAC supports the design of international university cooperation and worldwide mobility through virtual exchange.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced universities and research organisations to dynamically expand their capabilities in the fields of digital learning and working. At the same time, however, it has also highlighted the great opportunities that digitalisation offers, particularly for international university cooperation. Virtual exchange represents an interactive and cooperation-based bridge to the world and serves to systematically intensify international higher education efforts and shape them around new models of (blended) mobility.

With the funding programme International Virtual Academic Collaboration (IVAC), the DAAD provided practical support to instructors and strategic support to universities in three calls for application between 2020 and 2023. The aim has been to develop and expand international higher education partnerships and worldwide mobility by tapping digital possibilities. There are currently no further calls for application planned in this programme.


    Factsheet of the DAAD funding programme "International Virtual Academic Collaboration" (IVAC)


    Factsheet of the IVAC programme (only available in German)







    Accompanying evaluation of the digital DAAD funding programmes

    We are also excited to share more results of our accompanying study on the digital funding programmes with you. On the Community Building website you will find the overall report, an overall factsheet of all digital programmes as well as the sub-reports on the topics of competences and their development, strategic embedding of the projects and their implementation, vision of modern learning, contribution to Germany's attractiveness as a study location and contribution to society. The factsheets for the programmes IMKD and IP Digital can be found on the respective programe websites. The documents are only available in German, except for the general report.


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