Zwei Frauen unterschiedlicher Ethnien in einem Dialog

Within the framework of DIES conferences, seminars and information and familiarisation trips create forums for regional and supra-regional dialogue on current reform topics in higher education management. Workshops, working groups or excursions enable the discussion of examples of good practice or the formulation of action plans. In addition to the exchange of information, the aim is to initiate concrete reform initiatives in higher education management in developing countries.

Programme goals

Within the framework of DIES dialogue events, decision-makers from developing countries are to be informed about reform topics in higher education management and policy, and impulses for change processes (at institutional or system level) are to be set. At the same time, professional exchange is to be stimulated in order to establish contacts and networks between higher education institutions and non-university actors.


Since 2001, more than 1,500 experts and decision-makers have been informed about current higher education management issues with the help of the DIES dialogue measures in Germany and abroad. In doing so, they were able to establish new professional contacts in order to initiate change processes.



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