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  1. workshop different nationalities - Alumni Programme AA and BMZ

    Alumni Programme for Further Training and Integrating International Alumni

    The programme supports German universities / research institutions with activities that serve professional training and networking with international alumni.


  2. People wave small EU flags. - EUN

    European University Networks (EUN) – national initiative

    “European University Networks (EUN) – national initiative” is the accompanying national programme for German higher education institutions.


  3. Eine Bibliotheksszene. Im Vordergrund sind Bücher deutscher Schriftsteller zu sehen. - GIP

    German Language, Literature and Culture: Institutional Partnerships Worldwide (GIP worldwide)

    The German Language, Literature and Culture: Institutional Partnerships Worldwide (GIP) programme


  4. happy young graduates throwing hats with blue sky - GSSP

    Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP)

    Doctoral education in structured PhD programmes are an essential part of the qualification process of young academics in Europe and Germany.


  5. Students sit in a classroom with laptops. - IMKD

    International Mobility and Cooperation through Digitalisation (IMKD)

    Digitalisation, a driving force that interconnects social and technological Transformation, continually advances through scientific fields and academic Systems.


  6. A man in a library leafing through a book. - Integrated International Degree Programmes with Double Degrees

    Integrated International Degree Programmes with Double Degrees

    The programme "Integrated International Degree Programmes with Double Degrees" funds degree programmes at universities and universities of applied sciences.


  7. Four women holding diplomas. - IPID4all

    International doctorates in Germany for all (IPID4all)

    Through the IPID4all programme, German universities can combine specific measures in order to enhance the internationalisation of the doctoral phase.


  8. People sitting in a conference room. - ISAP

    International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP)

    International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP) are institutional cooperative structures between German and international universities.


  9. A student standing in a classroom. In the background students are talking with each other. - Lehramt.International

    Internationalisation of teacher training („Lehramt.International“)

    The DAAD assists teacher education students during their stays abroad, simultaneously supporting higher education institutions.


  10. MOPGA-GRI Globe and Logo - MOPGA-GRI

    Franco-German Fellowship Programme on Climate, Energy, and Earth System Research (Make Our Planet Great Again – German Research Initiative, MOPGA-GRI)

    The clock is ticking–the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement have made clear what needs to change. But many aspects of the climate change are still unexplored.


  11. Zwei Männer und Zwei Frauen gehen auf dem Uni Campus - SDG Alumni Projects

    SDG Alumni Projects: Knowledge and Practice for Development

    Projects by universities and DAAD for Germany Alumni from emerging and developing countries.


  12. Two students looking at a worldmap - SP and TN

    Strategic Partnerships and Thematic Networks

    On April 18th our international conference on Strategic Partnerships took place in Berlin.


  13. A group of students talking with a lecturer at the lectern - UAS.International

    Internationalisation of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS.International)

    The DAAD is helping students and researchers at universities of applied sciences carry out study and research visits abroad.


  14.  Four students of different ethnic backgrounds talk in front of the university. - Welcome

    "Welcome" – Students Helping Refugees

    Providing guidance, offering support, breaking down barriers: hundreds of students throughout Germany are committed to helping refugees gain orientation.


DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - German Academic Exchange Service