International doctorates in Germany for all (IPID4all)

[This programme is no longer available.]

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Through the IPID4all programme, German universities can combine specific measures in order to enhance the internationalisation of the doctoral phase. They can also test new internationalisation strategies and establish them in the long term. The programme is open to all universities, departments and subject areas and thus offers added value for all doctoral students at German universities.


IPID4all stands for the DAAD programme “International doctorates in Germany for all” which was launched in November 2014. Unlike the preceding programmes “PHD – Promotion an Hochschulen in Deutschland” (launched 2001), “PhD-Net” (launched 2007) and “IPID” (launched 2010), IPID4all does not just provide funding exclusively for structured doctoral programmes. Opening up the programme to international doctoral students and the wide range of international cooperation opportunities contribute towards raising the profile and internationalisation of the funded universities in the field of doctoral training. Of 53 universities submitting applications, a total of 28 were selected for funding support in 2014. The last call for applications (follow-on funding) took place in 2016. After the successful submission of applications in November 2016, 25 projects received follow-on funding from 1 November 2017 to 30 June 2019.

There are currently no plans for a further selection round.

Programme objectives

The overarching goal of the IPID4all (International doctorates in Germany for all) programme is to internationalise doctoral training in Germany.

The projects are located at the level of one or more departments or at several universities and, in principle, are aimed at all doctoral students within this entity. The aim is for new offerings to be combined with existing structures, or for these to be extended. The universities funded under the programme can select the funding measures appropriate for them from a wide range and offer these to the doctoral students in their university, department or subject area. This enables IPID4all to contribute significantly to developing internationalisation structures and to raising the profiles of the participating universities. The regular exchange with doctoral students, who are the primary beneficiaries of this programme, is an integral component of the programme.

The delivery of the IPID4all programme is accompanied by results-oriented monitoring.

Call for applications

IPID4all – International doctorates in Germany for all (expired)

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