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New perspectives, new horizons!
Who is eligible for the Erasmus+ program? What opportunities are there in the current program period and what added value does it offer?

We have been active as a National Agency (NA DAAD) for the Erasmus+ programme for over 35 years. We are funded at the national level by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). You will find us in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as the EU Department. We are responsible for the area of higher education. 
Beyond the administrative monitoring of the programme, we support the universities in the further development of their concepts for internationalisation.  

We are the information and consulting point for the programme lines administered in Brussels, the Bologna and ASEM education processes. We work closely with the other National Agencies for Erasmus+ in Germany and in the European Union. The programme covers all sectors of education:

  • School education 
  • Higher Education 
  • Adult Education 
  • Vocational training
  • Youth work.

NA DAAD – We for you 

As a National Agency within the DAAD, we are interested in ensuring an appropriate presence of German universities in all Erasmus+ funding lines. Furthermore, we would like to make synergies with complementary national funding programmes even more visible. This objective is supported locally by the DAAD Brussels Office. 

The close connection to the political level as well as the interlocking of all educational sectors and different actors is part of the Erasmus+ policy support. This contributes to the improvement of European education and youth policy. 
 Since 2006, we have ensured the quality of our work, especially with regard to the administration of the Erasmus programme, through an ISO-certified quality management system. 

"For 35 years now, young people have been able to broaden their horizons and experience Europe through the European Union's education and mobility programme. 13 million times this opportunity has already been used, 1 million times by members of German universities."
Quote from Dr. Stephan Geifes, EU department director from the DAADeuroletter 74.

Enriching lives, opening minds! 

No other education programme embodies the common spirit of the European idea as much as Erasmus+. 13 million beneficiaries speak for themselves. The programme is considered the flagship for outbound mobility. 
 With a total budget of almost 28 billion euros, it offers numerous opportunities to network strategically - with universities and (partner) organisations around the world.
 German universities can apply via various programme lines

  • Promote the international exchange of its students and university staff
  • Establish cooperation and partnership programs
  • institutional exchange between universities in Europe and worldwide.

Erasmus+ for all 

The Erasmus+ programme aims to promote equal opportunities and access, inclusion, diversity and fairness in all areas. Other thematic priorities are digital transformation and sustainability. In doing so, Erasmus+ aims to make a significant contribution to future sustainable growth and cohesion in Europe and the world. It also promotes the development of social and intercultural skills and supports active citizenship and democratic participation.
A key point of the Erasmus+ programme is to support more people who previously had no or difficult access to the programme. This includes people with fewer opportunities, for whom access should be simplified, such as:

  • Students from departments who are less mobile
  • Students with child(ren)
  • First-time graduates 
  • working students.

Stays abroad: In Europe and the world

The international opening of the programme already started in the last programme generation. It will be further expanded - especially for outgoing students. In the future, up to 20 percent of a project budget can be used for mobility outside the programme countries (i.e. also for the United Kingdom).  

Strategic networking for universities

Partnerships for cooperation, innovation and excellence are to be established in three pillars. In the future, Cooperation Partnerships can be applied for under the Partnerships for Cooperation. This is the successor funding line to the previous Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships. Cooperation Partnerships for Excellence include both the "European Universities" initiative and the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters. 

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