Additional Information on DAAD Study Scholarships in the Fields of Fine Art, Design/Visual Communication and Film

In the field of fine art, design/visual communication and film, the following requirements apply to work samples to be submitted to the DAAD media database:

a) Painters, sculptors and designers:

  1. The work samples may be submitted in the following formats:

Please submit images or digitised recordings of your work in a PDF file of no more than 20 pages. Hyperlinks leading to video or audio files are possible. Please make sure that they work and stay within the given framework (20 pages or 8 minutes of video). Alternatively, you can upload another video or audio file to the DAAD media database. Each file is counted as one page of your portfolio, but must not exceed 8 minutes. Material that does not meet or that exceeds these requirements will not be accepted for review.

Important! The Selection Committee's assessment and grading of work depends to a significant extent on the manner in which it is presented. Even the best works of art can lose their validity if badly presented!

b) Filmmakers:

Films, videos and animations:

Each applicant is allowed 8 minutes of film time. If films are longer, appropriate compilations of the whole film must be presented. Short films from up to 8 minutes running time can be submitted in their full length. A longer duration can not be considered.

Showreels and movie trailers are not desired!

It must be clear whether the film itself is a work of art or whether the film documents an artistic piece of work (e.g. a spatial installation, performance, etc.)

  • The following formats are permitted: MP3, WAV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF. Files provided in other formats will not be accepted for review.
  • Each file should be marked with the following: Last name_First name_Country of offer_DAAD reference number.
  • If several people have contributed to a film, all participants and their role or task must be stated in the closing credits, and if necessary in the catalogue of works, especially the role played by the applicant (director, cameraman, etc.).

For all applicants:

  • You must upload the work samples to the DAAD media database. Links to other online storage locations etc. cannot be accepted. Hyperlinks are partially possible for supplementation, but the digitised work must be available in the DAAD media database.
  • Please do not upload any work samples, portfolios or any other works to the DAAD portal.


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