List C: Permitted vocational A Level subjects (subject 3)

Please note:

- A subject from this list OR another subject from List A or List B can be selected as the third subject, provided that it is independent of subject 1 and subject 2 selected. For List A, the following also applies: A level subjects in the same subject are not independent of one another, with the exception of languages.

- When choosing a subject from this list, the choice of study programmes is restricted in accordance with section 3b of the "Basic requirements / subject-specific requirements".

- A level subjects of all awarding bodies that are currently eligible or can be examined are listed. Subjects that can no longer be selected are not listed; for these subjects, the competent certification authorities must consult the ZAB.

Permitted vocational A level subjects as subject 3

Not independent of


Business / Business Studies



Design and Technology / Technology and Design / Design & Textiles 


Also possible with different focuses:
Design Engineering / Fashion and Textiles / Product Design

Digital Technology


Only after consultation with ZAB

Digital Media & Design


Only after consultation with ZAB




Environmental Technology


Only after consultation with ZAB

Film Studies



Health and Social Care


Only after consultation with ZAB

Journalism in the Media and Communications Industry


Only after consultation with ZAB


History, Politics, Sociology, Government and Politics


Media Studies


Only after consultation with ZAB

Music Technology



Software Systems Development

Computer Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Information Technology


Sports Science and the Active Leisure Industry



Travel & Tourism 



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