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At the start of the semester, the new students enrol at their higher education institution. If you have already studied for a semester or more, you have to re-register.

If you have been accepted into a degree programme or chosen an open-admission course of study, don't forget to at your higher education institution before the start of the semester. Enrolling or matriculating makes prospective students into students. Only once you have enrolled can you attend courses at your higher education institution, take exams and gain an academic degree. You then also have access to facilities such as the libraries, the sports grounds and the cafeteria.

How do I enrol?

You can enrol at your German higher education institution as soon as you receive your from the International Office or the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung. Information on when you have to matriculate will be included.

Every higher education institution has its own rules. Usually you will have to go to the registrar's office in person on a certain date. Sometimes it is also sufficient to send the necessary documents to your higher education institution by post within a certain deadline.

TIP: The most important thing is to be sure you are fully informed. Enrollment deadlines are often short. If you are too late or forget documents you will not be able to enrol.

Which documents are required?

Here too rules vary. The International Office will tell you exactly what documentation you need. In general, these are the most important documents:

  • Your passport with visa or
  • Your letter of acceptance
  • Proof that you have statutory health insurance in Germany

Once you are enrolled, you will immediately receive a letter of confirmation. It can serve as a temporary replacement for your , which will be sent to you by post shortly after. With this certificate of matriculation you can already get a few things done, for example applying for a residence permit from the or registering for . You are also already permitted to use all the facilities and services of your higher education institution and receive discounts for leisure activities such as cinema, theatre or music events.

Who has to re-register?

All students who intend to continue their studies after the have to by a certain date before the begins. If you fail to do this, you may be . Only once you have re-registered can the validity of your student ID be extended. The re-registration period can usually be found on the website of your higher education institution.

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