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The DAAD climapAfrica programme - Climate change research Alumni and Postdocs in Africa for future leaders in the field of climate research and protection - in cooperation with the climate competence centres SASSCAL (Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management) and WASCAL (West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use) aims to foster application- oriented research results to tackle climate change in southern and western Africa.

The programme funds postdoctoral research projects and offers a platform for collaboration in thematic working groups composed of postdoctoral fellows and African alumni of German funding initiatives with expertise in the field of climate research. Fellows and Alumni will increase their research impact and output through a comprehensive training and support program, including general skills training, science policy advising and science management. The working groups serve as a platform to connect with peers, regional and international experts and practitioners and to build a growing professional network across Africa. 

The climapAfrica program


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    Desert landscape in South Africa

    For what appears to be a typical desert landscape in South Africa, it hides a rather unique story. At some point 6 million years ago, a meteorite hit this exact location, deforming the earth's crust. The impact left a crater, with an estimated rim diameter of about 600m, the eroded edge of which can be seen on the horizon. A perfect depression for a lake to form during a wetter climatic phase. Although, it has been a while since a lake occurred here, some 250 000 years or so, palaeoshorelines and fossilized lake sediments are observable today. Samples taken from the site will provide a rare insight of how this region has changed over time. All things considered, a rather fascinating spot.

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