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  • Master of Arts


  • 4 semesters

    Standard period of study (amount)

  • Gießen


  • September 2024 (Germans and inhabitants)

    24 days left (EU), 24 days left (Non-EU)
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Overview and admission

Study Type


Admission semester

Summer and Winter Semester

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Target group

The MA in Philosophy is based on the knowledge and skills acquired in a previous Bachelor's course and imparts greater competence in philosophy and the fundamentals of the sciences, while on the other hand aiming to enable graduates to conduct independent scholarly work. Basic philosophical questions of insight, understanding, normativity and morals, as well as inter-disciplinary areas such as philosophy of culture, science and ethics, are taken into consideration The historical and systematic dimensions of these issues are studied. A specialisation is possible.


The content profile of the programme not only combines philosophical with historical and cultural issues, but also branches out into the field of life sciences. The exchange between philosophy and individual disciplines is supported. Apart from philosophical seminars and forms of students' academic work, the curriculum also includes a series of philosophical projects in which students can test out alternative forms of philosophical work, such as book reviews, newspaper articles, conference papers, or philosophical analyses of current topics.

Admission modus

Without admission restriction

Admission requirements

Completed BA degree in which Philosophy accounted for no less than 60 credit points (or containing this number of credit points).

Lecture period
  • 15.04.2024 - 19.07.2024
  • 14.10.2024 - 14.02.2025

Application deadlines

Summer semester (2024)
Winter semester (2024/2025)

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