Additional Information on DAAD Study Scholarships in the Field of Architecture

To apply for a DAAD study in the field of architecture, applicants must submit a portfolio of work samples to the DAAD media database.

Depending on the specific field, the following work samples are required:

  • Maximum 20 DIN A4 pages in PDF format
  • Maximum 50MB file size
  • Architects, including interior designers and landscape architects:
    • at least three and a maximum of five drafts on a scale appropriate to the object (ground plan, layout, elevation and perspective, on separate sheets). These must include at least one independent (non-group) project (draft, analysis, plan).
  • Urban and landscape planners:
    • at least three and a maximum of five draft plans. These must include at least one independent (non-group) project (draft, analysis, plan).
    • work (such as class papers) demonstrating that applicants have already worked on planning processes.
  • Historic Preservation and Building in Existing Contexts / Restoration of Old Buildings:
    • Applicants from the fields of Preservation of Historical Monuments / Restoration of Old Buildings / Construction in Existing Buildings submit a meaningful selection of designs, building surveys or room books that are relevant to the respective intended course of study.

Important information:

  • Please do not submit commercial work (from the office). Such work will not be accepted as work samples by the selection committee and will not be included in the selection process.  An exception are own works for prizes.
  • The authorship of the designs must be made clear. The focus should be on student projects. In the case of collaborative work or projects, the contribution made by the applicant must be marked or appropriately described.
  • Please note that even if the PDF is available in digital form, the compiled drafts should be legible when printed on A4. For example, one draft per page and not several compiled on one page.
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