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Destination Abroad

Ein Mann gibt etwas auf seinem Laptop ein

Who can apply to be insured?

Interns, students, scientists with their partner and children

Who is already insured?

  • If you are holding a scholarship funded directly by the DAAD, this information is not of interest for you. The insurance is already a part of your scholarship.
  • Lecturers, scientists and postdocs funded by the DAAD, who have applied to be insured as part of the funding. (see attachment of funding agreement).

What requirements must I meet?

  • I’m doing an internship abroad…
  • I want to study abroad…
  • I have a first degree already…
  • I am doing a PhD…
  • I am a scientist…

  … and do receive funding from programs of the DAAD or the European Union.
  … or I am supported by a German university or a partner organization of the DAAD.

Information regarding the conditions of insurance