List B: General education A level subjects that meet the basic requirements (subject 3)

Please note:

- A subject from this list OR another subject from List A can be selected as the third subject, provided that it is independent of subject 1 and subject 2 selected. For List A, the following also applies: A level subjects in the same subject are not independent of one another, with the exception of languages.

- A level subjects of all awarding bodies that are currently eligible or can be examined are listed. Subjects that can no longer be selected are not listed; for these subjects, the competent certification authorities must consult the ZAB.


General education A level subjects as subject 3

Not independent of


Art and Design


Also possible with different focuses:
Craft and Design / Fine Art / Graphic Communication / Photography /
Textile Design / Three-Dimensional Design / Critical and Contextual Studies

Ancient History



Classical Civilisation /
Classical Studies

History, Greek, Latin


Drama and Theatre






History of Art



Life and Health Sciences

Biology, Chemistry


Marine Science (Cambridge)

Biology, Chemistry, Physics





Nutrition and Food Science

Biology, Chemistry





Physical Education



Environmental Science

Biology, Chemistry, Physics





Religious Studies






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