German-Latin American Centre of Infection & Epidemiology Research & Training (GLACIER)

GLACIER Projektgruppe

The German-Latin American Centre of Infection & Epidemiology Research & Training is being funded since May 2021 within the DAAD-programme Global Centres for Health and Pandemic Prevention with means of the Federal Foreign Office. 

This multidisciplinary consortium by leading experts and regional leaders in pandemic research and virology from Charité and UNAM together with Latin America’s top vaccination and therapeutics developers in Cuba and their German and Mexican partners aims at strengthening emerging infectious disease surveillance, diagnostics and treatment resistances, as well as new vaccine and therapeutics development, all abilities suitable for the conditions in Latin America. 
The project wants to create a capacity building program that includes research and problem-based learning focused on prevention, alertness, treatment and response to unforeseen health challenges in the future, which will also increase their management. GLACIER has several goals aimed at strengthening capacities in the Latin American region: (i) serve as a think-tank that supports a multidisciplinary network of institutions in eight Central American countries, (ii) build local research capacity, (iii) increase the number of well-trained experts/scientists and trainers and (iv) involve regional and international policy makers aiding the dissemination of information and enabling a faster regional crisis response.


  • Development of a One-Health Summer School
  • Set-up of real-live-labs in Mexico and Cuba
  • PhD and research stays and bilateral doctoral programs
  • Installation of database tools for surveillance and bioactives
  • Development of seminar series on interdisciplinary approaches to infectious diseases treatment and control
  • Development of teaching modules about the development of antiinfective treatment strategies and bio-social analysis of infectious diseases


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