Central African Infectious Disease and Epidemics Research Alliance (CAIDERA)

stereomikroskopische Aufnahme einer weiblichen Anopheles gambiae Mücke

The Central African Infectious Disease and Epidemics Research Alliance is being funded since May 2021 within the DAAD-programme Global Centres for Health and Pandemic Prevention with means of the Federal Foreign Office. 


The project will establish a training and research programme on emerging and re-emerging viral, bacterial and parasitic infectious diseases, centred on the one health concept and with the aim to foster research capacity and collaboration in the predominantly francophone Central African region. The capapcity development project is embedded within the broad regional research networks on highly prevalent and emerging infectious diseases. Specifically, CAIDERA aims to further innovate and consolidate existing internationally recognised strengths in infectious disease research and regional networking and to amplify their impact by establishing a unique in the region, internationally competitive infectious disease M.Sc. programme tailored to the specific capacity building needs of Central African countries.


  • Establishment of an M.Sc. programme at CERMEL in Gabun
  • Development of translational research projects on emerging infectious diseases
  • Establishment of an interdisciplinary sandwich Ph.D. programme 
  • Organisation of two massive open online courses (MOOCs) on emerging and re-emerging viral diseases and pandemic preparedness 
  • Coordination and hosting of public outreach activities

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