Information for scholarship holders from abroad – additional regulations during the Corona pandemic

Date: 6 April 2022

The pandemic situation in Germany is slowly calming down. Public life is slowly getting back to normal, and universities are also returning to normal operations under hygiene protection measures. We currently assume that you will therefore be able to implement your project in Germany as planned. Should the situation in Germany worsen again, the following measures are available in addition to those mentioned ones in "Your DAAD Scholarship".

If your scholarship is still due to start

If, due to the pandemic, it is not possible to travel to Germany on the planned scholarship start date (e.g. because there is no flight connection or there are exit or entry restrictions), please contact your program office. They will try to find a solution together with you.

In justified exceptional cases, if it is impossible to enter the country due to the pandemic, a temporary online start from your home country may be possible. An online start for other, non-pandemic-related/private reasons is not possible. If an online start is also not possible, a postponement by a maximum of 6 months may be considered.

If no solution can be found, the scholarship contract with the DAAD must be terminated. In this case, you can re-apply for a DAAD scholarship at the next opportunity, provided that the application requirements in the program in question allow this. If you have already received scholarship benefits, these must be repaid.

If you already started your scholarship

The following regulations are also subject to the condition that the pandemic situation worsen again. They also depend on the respective scholarship programme. In the following, we will give you an overview of the options in the standard DAAD scholarship programmes.

1. Remaining in Germany and continuing the scholarship project online

If the universities in Germany switch back from face-to-face to online teaching and you remain in Germany: You will receive the benefits listed in the Letter of Award for your project as agreed.

2. Interruption (for a maximum of 6 months)

In well justified exceptional cases, the scholarship can be interrupted due to the Corona pandemic with prior approval of the DAAD

Interruption for an extended (home) leave is not permitted. To vacations the conditions stated in "Your DAAD Scholarship" under 1.5.4 apply.

The scholarship instalment (incl. additional benefits) will then still be paid for the current month; thereafter, scholarship payments will be discontinued.

If the scholarship is interrupted, the health insurance will continue for the month of departure. An extension at your own expense is only possible if you remain in Germany and do not pursue employment subject to tax and social security contributions there (e.g. voluntary internship). Continuation of health insurance in the home country is not possible.

If you leave for your home country and have not yet received a return travel allowance with the first instalment, this will be transferred to you.

3. Cancellation

You can terminate the fellowship and leave Germany after consulting your programme section and obtaining its written consent. Scholarship payments will cease on the date of departure. If you have not yet received a return travel allowance with the first installment, this will be transferred to you.

The DAAD health insurance will be continued as long as you receive scholarship payments (example: end of scholarship 30.11./ insurance period until 15.12.).

A reclaim of the scholarship already paid out will be waived if verifiable, pandemic-related reasons have led to the discontinuation.

4. Third country stays for study grants and research phases outside Germany

Please check whether the study-related third-country stay or research outside Germany can actually be carried out as planned during the pandemic. Please inform the DAAD early in case of a planned departure. Please also inform yourself about possible quarantine regulations in the destination country well in advance of your trip. In any case, the DAAD advises you to be fully vaccinated before leaving the country. Furthermore, the requirements mentioned in "Your DAAD Scholarship" under 1.5.5 apply.

The same applies in the case of an intermediate trip home. In this case, you are additionally responsible for returning to Germany on time, as well as for any additional costs (e.g. for testing procedures, increased travel expenses, etc.).

Quarantine costs are not covered by the DAAD.

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