Special corona-related regulations for scholarships starting from July 2020

Date: 26 June 2020

The following set of regulations for different possible constellations applies to scholar-ship holders from abroad who have received a Letter of Award from DAAD for a period of study, research visit or practical experience in Germany and who wish to take up their scholarship from July 2020. Please note: The options that are open to you (e.g. the possi-bility of starting your scholarship project in your home country) depend on the respective funding programme. You will be informed about possible options by your programme department. If you have any questions, please contact your programme department.

Information about entering Germany is available under   and/or directly from your programme de-partment. If you have any concerns about entering the country, please contact the pro-gramme department before your planned departure.

DAAD payments during the corona crisis for internation-al DAAD scholarship holders who were in Germany for a period of study or research visit at the beginning of the pandemic (March/April 2020)

The following set of regulations applies to scholarship holders who already received DAAD funding at the start of the corona crisis in spring 2020 for a period of study, research visit or practical experience in Germany. Different rules may apply to certain scholarship programmes. We informed you of this separately.