DAAD scholarships


This section contains frequently asked questions and important information on DAAD scholarship programmes – from deadlines through selection criteria to the necessary language skills. You can also download documents on DAAD programmes and leaflets on entering and staying in Germany.

Frequently asked questions


What are the requirements for a DAAD scholarship? What is the best way to apply? And how are scholarship holders selected? You can find answers to these and other questions here.


Important information for scholarship applicants

DAAD/Norbert Hüttermann

Clear and compact: everything you need to know if you are interested in applying for a scholarship – including the full range of funding opportunities offered by the DAAD and important information for example on deadlines and selection criteria.



Dieter Schütz / pixelio.de

Step by step guidance to prepare your application documents for a DAAD scholarship. If you need to write a letter of motivation or a research exposé, our guidelines will help you.


Required documents

Hüttermann / DAAD

You can download templates for applications, letters of recommendation and other application documents, but also information material on entering, staying and working in Germany here.