Business Administration - Energy and Water Economicspart time degree programmes for professionals

  • Master of Science


  • 5 semesters

    Standard period of study (amount)

  • Mülheim an der Ruhr


  • September 2024 (Germans and inhabitants)

    September 2024 (EU), September 2024 (Non-EU)
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Overview and admission

Study Type


Admission semester

Summer and Winter Semester

Area of study

Business Administration

Target group

This programme is ideal for those who want to solve the challenges of the energy and water industries and help to shape the future of energy and water supply.


The interdisciplinary course deals with sustainability and risk management in the energy and water industry, with the design of renewable energy systems, with water and sewage management. Business Administration modules are additionally offered; Economics as well as Research Methodology and Quantitative Analysis are taught in the first semesters. Presence events take place on Fridays in the afternoon or on Saturdays. Various communication options via the e-learning portal module. Examinations of all modules can be taken every semester. There are no study or examination fees, only the semester contribution and material fees.

Admission modus

open admission

Admission requirements (Link)

Admission requirements

Admission to the Master’s degree programme requires the completion of an Economics or Industrial Engineering degree programme lasting for at least seven semesters. At least 210 credits must have been acquired, of which a) at least 20 credits are derived from modules with quantitative methods of economics (e.g., micro/macroeconomics, external/ internal accounting, controlling, investment and financing), b) 40 credits are from modules with economics content, c) a further 10 credits are derived from modules with network economics content – e.g. energy and water management – alternatively, corresponding relevant, subject-specific practical experience acquired full-time over a period of at least six months can also be recognised in this respect and d) at least 5 credits are derived from modules with mathematics/statistics content. Graduates of degree courses with fewer than 210 credits can be credited with up to 30 credits for practical periods.

Lecture period
  • 02.04.2024 - 12.07.2024
  • 01.10.2024 - 24.01.2025

Application deadlines

Summer semester (2024)
  • Deadlines for International Students from the European Union

    Expired (Universitywide deadline)

  • Application deadline for Germans and inhabitants

    01.12.2024 - 15.03.2025 (Universitywide deadline)

    Further information on registration, deadlines and the application process can be found on the HRW website:

  • Deadlines for international students from countries that are not members of the European Union

    01.12.2024 - 15.03.2025 (Universitywide deadline)

    Non-EU applicants (via Further information on registration, deadlines and the application process can be found on the HRW website:

  • Enrollment deadline for Germans and foreign students

    Further information on registration, deadlines and the application process can be found on the HRW website:

Winter semester (2024/2025)

Tuition fee


The University Ruhr West does not charge tuition fees. However, students at the HRW must pay a semester contribution Important for business administration master students: Business Administration Master students please note that, in addition to the semester contribution, the Institute for Combined Studies charges a material procurement fee of EUR 110.

Languages of instruction

Main language


DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - German Academic Exchange Service