The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program

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The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program is one of the world's most respected artist-in-residence programmes for established artists working in the fine arts, film, literature and music.

Programme description

The Artists-in-Berlin Program sees itself as a platform for artistic and cultural exchange throughout and beyond Europe. Every year, it invites applications from around the world for approximately 20 funding a usually one-year stay in Berlin. These scholarships are aimed at extraordinary and internationally established artists from abroad. The Artists-in-Berlin Program is designed to offer its guests space for their creative work, promote the diversity and variety of artistic viewpoints, and strengthen the freedom of the arts and the written and spoken word. Scholarship holders therefore have every freedom to develop their approach, to work on their art or interact with fellow artists.

Target group

Internationally established and outstanding artists from abroad who would like to come to Berlin in order to work on their art and interact with fellow artists. Age is irrelevant.

Scholarship benefits

The scholarship benefits in the form of monthly rates allow for an appropriate living standard; furnished residences and studios are provided. Travel and baggage expenses (including for partners and children, if they accompany the artist to Berlin for the full duration of the invitation) are covered, as are health and and German lessons.


for application forms and more information on the application procedure. Below is an initial overview of the required work samples, which must be submitted by post:

Authors: own publications, where possible in German, otherwise preferably in English or French, no more than 4–5 books; reviews. No manuscripts.

Composers: scores, records, CDs, DVDs, audio tapes, video tapes, own releases, no more than 3–4 audio samples. The materials should be precisely coordinated with each other.

Film makers: video tapes, DVDs, scripts – no more than two work samples, preferably recent and with subtitles. A synopsis must be included with every film. Maximum viewing time: 15 minutes per applicant.

Note: You may not apply for yourself in the fine arts category; in this field, a scholarship commission recommends invitations to internationally known artists.

Application deadline: Applications are judged by international juries who meet in varying personal constellations in Berlin every spring. Applicants are informed of the selection decisions as soon as possible thereafter. Those invited to the programme will also be informed of the duration, scope and other details of their scholarship at that time.


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