Two ways to do your doctorate

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PhD studies and research

Germany’s reputation as an outstanding research destination continues to attract the world’s finest minds. In 2014 an incredible Number of 85,000 people chose Germany to write their dissertations or join one of our growing number of doctoral research teams.
Discover your best route to a PhD in Germany, including financing options and advice on how to prepare for your research stay.

Your Route to a PhD: Individual Study or Structured PhD Programme

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You have the choice of two routes to your doctoral title in Germany. Most doctoral candidates choose the traditional route of individual doctoral study, although the structured PhD programme is becoming more popular.


How to Find a PhD position

Looking for a doctoral position? Explore the DAAD databases “PhDGermany” and “International Programmes” to discover open PhD positions for doctoral candidates and a great variety of structured PhD programmes. Simply enter your search criteria to retrieve a list of suitable options.


How to finance your PhD

How much will it cost to do a doctorate in Germany? Find out more about tuition fees, scholarships and funding programmes.


Doing a PhD in Germany – First Steps

Before you can begin your doctoral studies in Germany, there are some preliminary steps you must take.