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Appartementhaus Künhoferstraße Künhoferstraße 2 • 90489 Nürnberg

Popular five-storey building with a very relaxed atmosphere.

The building is located in the immediate vicinity of the University of Applied Sciences, Nuremberg. All other universities are easily accessible as well, good transport connections by bus and tram.


Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg


96 Places

Rent deposit

Single apartment 330-426 EUR
Double apartment 258-324 EUR

Duration of housing

All tenancy agreements for apartments or rooms in the halls of residence are limited in time. There are different regulations for the length of occupancy of the various types of rooms.

Tenants of single apartments and comfort apartments currently receive a tenancy agreement which is limited to six semesters. An extension to your tenancy agreement for two more semesters is only possible if Studentenwerk evaluate the demand for housing such that sufficient accommodation for new students can be expected at the start of the next semester.

Current regulations for tenants of single rooms (with shared sanitary facilities), double apartments, shared rooms and apartments for groups or families are as follows: if it is your first time in a hall of residence, your tenancy agreement is limited to six semesters. An extension to your tenancy agreement is possible up to four semesters. However, this is only possible if the current demand allows Studentenwerk to ensure that there is sufficient accommodation for new students at the start of the next semester.

Additional information is provided here.

Internet access


TV connection


Shared facilities

The hall of residence has a lift.
Large common room with TV, bar and billiard table.
The community has smaller household appliances such as ironing board, flat-iron, vacuum cleaner etc.
Large laundry room with washing machines and tumble driers managed by the residents themselves.
Bicycles can be parked in front of the building and bike garages are available.
The underground car park can be used for a fee.

Shopping and infrastructure (supermarket, post office, bank, etc.)

Good shopping facilities are within walking distance.

Recreation and culture

Only three minutes on foot to the recreational area "Wöhrder See".

Special deals for international students

In all of the Student Union's houses and student residences tutoring programs are offered where possible. Through the tutors' work, the initiative and abilities of the students living in the student residence are inspired and furthered. General, social, sport and musical events are offered. An important task of the tutors is the integration and support of international students.

Special deals for students with children / families

The Studentenwerk runs three day-care centres in Erlangen and Nuremberg. Find more information here.

Additional information

This hall of residence has its own homepage.

Last update: 07-2018

Room in a double apartment


Room size: 12.4-17.5 square metres
Furnished. Telephone connection available in every apartment, in addition, communal telephones are sometimes operated. Connection to satellite receiver in each room. Data network in every living unit.


175 up to 201 EUR / month



Single apartment


Size: 14-24 square metres.
Furnished single apartments of varying sizes and configurations, with mini kitchens, showers and sanitary facilities. Telephone connection available in every apartment, in addition, communal telephones are sometimes operated.
Connection to satellite receiver in each room. Data network in every living unit.
Rent excludes electricity.


201 up to 240 EUR / month



Standard application procedure

Application requirements

As a rule, only students who are enrolled at a university served by Studentenwerk are admitted to its halls of residence. Only in exceptional cases is notice of admission to a regular course of studies sufficient.

Application deadline



Please apply online.

Exchange students

The following information is for those foreign applicants for accommodation in a hall of residence who have been referred to Studentenwerk through a recommendation list from the University, the Foreign Student Office or the International Office. The students have received a confirmed reservation for admission on a fixed date at the beginning of a semester.

Special application forms are required for the applicants mentioned above; these are generally handed out to applicants by the university making the recommendation.

This procedure avoids the usual waiting list for accommodation and provides a mutually binding reservation, provided that all conditions and requirements for application are fulfilled by applicant by a specified date.

The conditions of this tenancy agreement differ partly from those of a standard contract:
1. a binding contract period, normally until the end of a semester (duration 1 or 2 semesters).
2. there is no possibility of early termination of the contract; those who move out before expiration of the contract must pay the rent for the remainder of the contract period in advance.
3. there is no option to extend the tenancy agreement.
4. relocation to another room or apartment, whether in the same building or in another building is not possible.
5. rent for the first month and the deposit must be paid in advance.

Please hand in your application to Studentenwerk by:
15 June for the following winter semester
31 December for the following summer semester

You can apply online. Please use this opportunity.

Applicants can be offered accommodation from Studentenwerk if they are on the university recommendation list and if sufficient accommodation is available. If he or she is recommended by the university, and if there are enough rooms or apartments available, the applicant can get an offer from the Students Services. The recommendation list must have been submitted to Studentenwerk by the deadlines mentioned above.

Studentenwerk will consider the applicant's special wishes regarding accommodation as far as possible.

Should the applicant reject the offer (which is normally sent by email) or should the conditions not be fulfilled on time (e.g., payment), the reservation will be cancelled and the room will be offered to someone else. In this case, Studentenwerk will assume that the does no longer wishes to have their application processed and is no longer interested in a reservation.

Additional information

New offer of the Studentenwerk (since August 2015): pre-letting agreement
Due to the high demand at the beginning of the winter semester the Studentenwerk cannot offer accommodation to all applicants. With the pre-letting agreement the Studentenwerk guarantees to offer the students a place in a student hall of residence at the beginning of the following summer semester at the latest. The room might not be in the preferred hall of residence but applicants can list halls that they do not want to live in. Processing fees of 50 EUR have to be payed immediately but will be offset against the security deposit.
You can find further information here:
Erlangen and Nuremberg


Appartementhaus Künhoferstraße Künhoferstraße 2
90489 Nürnberg

Tel. +49 913 18 00 22 87
Fax +49 913 18 00 21 84

Operator: Studentenwerk Erlangen-Nürnberg Contact via email Visit website

Nearest stop/station (public transportation): Deichslerstraße Bauvereinstraße

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Last update: 07-2018

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