Study and research in Germany

You'd like to study in Germany? A great idea! We look forward to welcoming you! Aren't you sure which university to apply to? Are you interested in doing a PhD and are looking for an appropriate programme? Or are you wondering how you can finance your stay, or how foreign students live in Germany and how they're supervised? We're happy to help you!

Courses of study in Germany

This section contains German and internationally oriented Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral programmes, but also language and special courses – and a well-respected ranking comparing higher education institutions and subjects.



International students can apply to various institutions for a scholarship. The DAAD's scholarship database contains a large number of offers and information on financial support and funding for academic studies or research projects.


Preparing for Germany

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students. If you want to study or conduct research at a German higher education institution, this section will tell you everything you need to know about planning and organising your visit.


First steps in Germany

Whether enrolling at your higher education institution, planning your semester or finding part-time work: there are a number of things international students need to take care of once they have arrived in Germany. This section will tell you what to do and where you can find help.


PhD Studies and Research

Science and research in Germany are characterised by a distinguished infrastructure, a wide variety of disciplines, well-equipped research facilities and competent staff. Germany offers various career opportunities for international PhD students and researchers.


Alumni networks

It is very important to the DAAD to maintain contact to its alumni in order to preserve former scholarship holders' ties to Germany, offer them further funding opportunities and build an active and constantly growing worldwide network.