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Virginia Woolf, whose essays are the subject of my thesis, Photo: Brocco Lee

Virginia Woolf, whose essays are the subject of my thesis, Photo: Brocco Lee

Moving to a higher level in the academic life requires two things: looking forward and looking back. Looking forward means preparing, planning, getting the information and doing what it takes so you can make the transition. Looking back means thinking about what you have done so far, what were your choices and where did they bring you up to this point. It also means finishing well the things you have set yourself to do so you can move on to the next phase.

That’s the point where I am at this moment. For very long I have been planning and preparing to apply for a Master’s in Germany, but since the beginning I have known that in order for that to happen there is something very important I have to do first: graduating from my current Bachelor’s program.

And the thing is, just graduating is not enough. To be accepted at a good Master’s program you must have good grades. Although I have always liked to study I’ve never been obsessed with getting high grades. But since I decided to apply for a Master’s in Germany I’ve been trying to do the best I can.

Graduation seemed so far when I started, but now I’m finally at my last semester here. It feels so good to realize that the end is near and that my efforts have paid off. Now I am at the final step: my Bachelor thesis, which I have been writing in the last month and will present in November. Then I will have my Bachelor’s degree and will devote my time to applying for the Master’s in Germany.

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