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Good morning mam, My Name is Shabuddin Shaik from Guntur.i did my M.Sc zoology in Acharya Nagarjuna University campus in 2008-2010.Recently i got first rank in phd entrance in the same university. I am very intersted in research.I want to do my research in Germany but i dont know how to apply, recently i saw daad scholarship in internet .I have lots of questions to ask and I didn’t know whom to ask. please help me mam . Requesting you to get information regarding Research study in Germany please send me your mobile number .i want to talk with youtime is very less(dead date is very soon)mam.


Yours sincerely,

Comment by shabuddin verfasst 11. August 2011 um 09:58

Hi All,

I would please like some guidance, It’s clear to me that it is late in the day to apply for next September or academic year start. But I am wondering if there is still a glimmer of chance to log an application for next September chance.

Comment by Hope verfasst 14. August 2011 um 17:00

Dear Hope,
each programme has it’s own deadline for applications, that’s something we can’t change and every student needs to stick to. Also you must keep in mind that it takes quite some time to get everything ready for your stay abroad like translations of important documents, visa, proof of financial status etc. Instead of rushing through all this you should do the following things: 1. Check our database for international programmes and search for the one you like best: http://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/international-programmes/07535.en.html
Also, check our website: http://www.study-in.de/en for more information about life and study in Germany.
Best from Bonn,
Your DAADteam

Comment by Redaktion verfasst 16. August 2011 um 08:18

Dear Shabuddin,
I take that you are from India, no? In this case you should contact either our main office in New Delhi: http://newdelhi.daad.de/ or one of our information centres in Chennai or Mumbai and ask for personal guidance. For more information about research in Germany check the DAAD run website: http://www.research-in-germany.de as well as our database for international programmes: http://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/international-programmes/07535.en.html
Best from Bonn,
Your DAADteam

Comment by Redaktion verfasst 16. August 2011 um 08:21

hi my respected guiders
i done my graduation in statistis and i want to studied in germany please guide me

Comment by shazeb gautam verfasst 28. September 2011 um 17:42

Dear Gautam,
the easiest way to find out what’s required to study in Germany is to search our database for international programmes for a course you like: http://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/international-programmes/07535.en.html The detailed description of each program will tell you what’s required, when and where to apply and whom to contact for further information. Also check our website: http://www.study-in.de/en
Best from Bonn,
Your DAADblog-team

Comment by Redaktion verfasst 10. October 2011 um 09:45

Hello MAAM,
I Arjun Chidambaram, currently prsuing my BA Economics at Delhi university, India seek to apply for DAAD Public policy and good governance scholarship for pursuing Public policy masters at Hertie public policy school, Germany but I don’t know whether the scholarship application process for India is opened already. I went through the entire country specific website for DAAD where I could find only find announcement regarding PPGG scholarship 2011 and not 2012. I even called the Delhi DAAD office but did not get any satisfactory answers. Kindly please let me know when the application process will start.. Also please let my know the whether I will be competitive enough for the scholarship for I have a second upper class HONS degree but a strong Extra curricular score.

Best regards.

Comment by Arjun M verfasst 4. November 2011 um 18:11

Dear Arjun,
please check this pdf for all information about the application process and deadlines. Just like for 2011 the application deadline for next year will be most probably 31 July 2012: http://www.daad.de/imperia/md/content/hochschulen/ppgg/ausschreibung_ppgg-eng2011.pdf
Best from Bonn,
Your DAADblog-team

Comment by Redaktion verfasst 7. November 2011 um 16:39

I was reading through articles and was wondering whether there’s the opportunity to blog?
I am currently in Berlin on my year abroad. I come from London, study Law with German LLB in Sheffield and am doing my year abroad at the Freie Universität Berlin where I study German Law in German.
Hope to hear back!

Comment by Nathan Akhavan-Moossavi verfasst 5. April 2012 um 11:45

I’m not sure whether this is the right place for a comment, but I would like to be a blogger. I’m doing at the moment my PhD at the university of Kiel with the support from DAAD and would gladly share all I know and get acquainted to here in Germany.
Hope to get an e-mail from You!

Comment by Gleb Kazakov verfasst 7. April 2012 um 15:41

There are a lot of interesting articles here and I would definitely like to contribute! I will be a RISE 2012 scholar, and will be heading over to Germany towards the end of June to start my internship in Rostock. I would enjoy blogging about my experiences while I am there.
I hope to hear from you!

Comment by Madelaine Kukko verfasst 11. April 2012 um 20:43

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