April Barnum RISE

My name is April Barnum and I’m 20 years old and will be entering my junior year at Fordham University in New York City. I am a Biology major and am planning to minor in Chemistry. I am excited to be continuing my study of Chemistry this summer in Bayreuth, Germany, where I will be conducting research at the University of Bayreuth from May 30th to August 1st on the microbially catalyzed formation of thioarsenic species during the dissolution of arsenic-sulfur minerals. I first found out about the DAAD RISE program through the Campion Institute, a scholarship and fellowship program at Fordham University. I applied immediately because I have always wanted to study abroad and to do research in Chemistry, and knew that this would be a fantastic opportunity to meet lots of great people.
I have a twin sister named Kim who is also going to be studying at the University of Bayreuth, but in a different lab (her focus is on Biogeography).

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