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About Us

Contacts in Birzeit University

Birzeit University
Faculty of Education

Head of DAAD IC Jerusalem
Room 119
by appointment with: 
DAAD IC Jerusalem
Tel: 02-626 21 06

Dr. Ulrike Mitter
Room 124
Tel.: 02-298 29 85
Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10am - 1pm umitter@birzeit.edu

Birzeit University
Graduate Studies Building (Naseeb Ash-Shaheen Building)

Dr. Helga Baumgarten
Room 312
by appointment with:
Ms. Amal Saade
Room 313
Tel.: 02-298 21 71

Dr. Helga Baumgarten

Dr. Ulrike Mitter

The DAAD in Palestine

Palestine is an important partner in the Near East. Every year dozens of Palestinian students and professors receive scholarships to complete their higher studies or to take up research projects with German colleagues. And this academic exchange works also in the opposite direction: three DAAD-sponsored German visiting profesors are currently working in Palestine, and regularly German scholars come supported by the DAAD for teaching and research purposes to different Palestinian universities on a short-term basis. Likewise, each year a number of German master and PhD students visits Palestine on scholarships for studies and research. Beyond these individual grants the DAAD provides assistance for the institutional cooperation between German and Palestinian institutions of higher education.

Our Team in East Jerusalem

Christina Stahlbock studied History, Politics and Islamic Sciences in Kiel and Cairo and received her Master’s degree in 2010 from Kiel University. From 2010 to 2014, Christina worked in the DAAD Cairo Office as a Project Coordinator. Being responsible for the German Science Centre (DWZ) and the DAAD Kairo Akademie (DKA) she gained vast experiences in fostering international university cooperation, creating further trainings for academics, marketing, and scholarship procedures.  Upon return to Germany, she joined DAAD’s governmental liaison office in Berlin working with ministries and the German parliament. Since September, 2016, Christina has held her current position as the Director of the DAAD Information Centre in East Jerusalem. 

Eveline Muhareb, Program Officer
Barbara Amad, Program Officer

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