About the Conference / Bologna goes Digital (26th September 2018, Berlin)

David Ausserhofer/Stifterverband

Experts from Germany and Europe discussed the effects of digitization on the European Higher Education Area during the conference 'Bologna goes digital', which was held in Berlin during the topic week „Shaping the digital turn“ in cooperation with the German Forum for Higher Education in the Digital Age (Hochschulforum Digitalisierung).

"Digitalization is a mindset and a process of what we are all part of", that was the result of European experts. The digital age offers many opportunities for higher education institutions: to strengthen internationalization, overcome geographical and cultural barriers and create new teachings and learning formats. Digital internationalization of higher education institutions should continue to be promoted in order to strengthen the attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area in the long term. In this context, it would be important to create internal strategies, to offer training and further education formats and to reduce barriers in the process.

The discussion clearly showed that digital internationalization has a great, often underestimated potential. This can simplify administrative processes, complement mobility and strengthen internationalization at home. However, personal contacts and physical mobility continue to be of priority importance and will not be replaced by virtual mobility. Furthermore digital components should be added to all programs to link up HEI’s worldwide and promote global exchange.

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