Welcome to the RISE Germany Lounge!

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Here you can watch and listen to the recorded Webinar for RISE Germany interns from April 6th, 2017.


More Downloads:

Download: RISE Germany 2018 Flyer for students (pdf, 436.37 KB)

Download: RISE Program Flyer 2018 (pdf, 1.63 MB)

Download: RISE Germany Statistic 2017 (pdf, 500.89 KB)

Download: RISE Germany Statistic 2005 - 2016 (pdf, 189.18 KB)

Download: RISE Germany - Guideline for applicants & interns (pdf, 88.08 KB)

Photo Contest 2017 – RISE Germany and Rise Professional

We received more than 70 pictures from our RISE Germany and RISE Professional 2017 participants. Now the pictures have been reviewed. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Photo Contest 2017 – RISE Germany and RISE Professional.
Have a look at our Gallery:

1st Place: Spencer Fretwell (100,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
2nd Place: Rebecca Strachan (50,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
3rd Place: Patrick Leonard (20,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
4th Place: Callan Tweedie (20,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
5th Place: Michael Hemsworth (20,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
6th Place: Cassidy Hagan (20,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
7th Place: Miranda Sill (20,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
8th Place: Amaris Castanon (20,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
9th Place: Kathryn Yammine (20,- Euro Amazon Voucher)
10th Place: Jane Butler (20,- Euro Amazon Voucher)