RISE weltweit

Internship Providers

How to become a host for a German undergraduate student

If you would like to take part in the RISE worldwide program and host a German undergraduate student as a research assistant for your project, please register and fill out an internship proposal form with a brief description of the project online (one to three pages). It is also possible to develop the details of the project with the student. In this case, you might wish to provide a broader overview of the ongoing research and then a description of how the project will be developed in cooperation with the student.

Program Requirements

  • You are a professor, a postdoc, PhD student or researcher employed by or affiliated with an accredited academic institution or a non-profit research institution, working in the field of natural sciences, earth sciences, engineering or medicine.
  • You agree to supervise and support the assigned student in local administrative matters with finding accommodation and possibly with recreational activities.
  • We highly recommend integrating PhD students into the project although this is not mandatory. PhD students can submit project proposals themselves if they can produce a letter of support from their supervisor. The letter of support may be filled out under database for internship providers and be submitted via E-Mail.

Which students can apply to your project offer?

RISE worldwide is a program for undergraduate students enrolled at a German university. Students may apply as early as their first semester at a university (and would then join your team in between their second and third semester); students beyond their fifth semester (three years Bachelor), beyond their seventh semester (four years Bachelor; four years diploma) and graduate students are not eligible. In addition to students in the fields of engineering, natural or earth sciences and medicine, students from related disciplines may apply as well if they find an appropriate project.

How are the interns selected?

After DAAD approves your offer, it will be published in the intern database on this website. This database is accessible to anyone who is interested in applying and has registered online.

Each student applying for an internship may apply for up to three projects. The prospective hosts are then asked to provide DAAD with their quality assessment of applications for their projects.

Please note: Only those students whose applications have been accepted, reviewed and ranked by a potential host are placed with that host’s project. We do our best to account for both the preferences of the students and of the hosts.  However, we cannot guarantee in every case that a project provider will be matched with his or her top applicant.

What does the RISE worldwide program include?

DAAD provides funding for summer internships for German undergraduate students to do research projects at accredited institutions of higher education or non-profit research institutions worldwide.

Duration of Scholarships

Six weeks to twelve weeks between June and October (please note that German academic year usually ends in mid-to-late July)

Funding and Activities

German students are awarded a DAAD scholarship which includes:

  • a monthly allowance (depending on target country)
  • a travel subsidy (depending on target country) 
  • health, accident and personal liability insurance 
  • participation in a RISE worldwide alumni meeting in Germany (after the internship; in the fall)