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Quality assurance

DAAD’s RISE programs place excellent undergraduate (RISE, RISE worldwide) and graduate students (RISE professional) in the natural sciences and engineering in research and work internships with companies, universities and research institutes in Germany (for North American and British applicants) and around the world (for German applicants). Our RISE programs traditionally have high quality standards. In 2011, the RISE program won the Andrew Heiskell Award.

We have drafted a few benchmarks to help all participants, including our team, to maintain those standards. Please find these benchmarks below. Additionally, please review the guidelines relevant to your specific RISE program and to your role as either project host or intern, where you will learn more about tasks and commitments that are key for quality assurance. The links to those guidelines are listed at the end of this page.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments!

Thank you!

The DAAD RISE team commits to

  • review all project offers submitted to the program database for compliance with our standards.
  • review all applications submitted to the program database for compliance with our standards. (Is the application complete? Do official documents such as the certificate of enrolment or a letter of reference bear the university’s letterhead and a signature/seal?)
  • review all applications submitted to the program database for academic quality of the applicant.
  • make all administrative procedures as transparent as possible and keep internship providers and applicants informed about the stages of their applications via automatically generated email messages.
  • answer individual requests in a timely fashion. If the request does not warrant an individualized response, information might be provided by a general email message.
  • select and match scholarship holders with internships on the basis of clearly defined and transparent criteria.
  • have the programs evaluated by external experts on a regular basis. (RISE evaluation 2009 (short version), RISE evaluation 2009 (long version), RISE professional evaluation 2012 – will be available soon)
  • contact program participants to solicit their ideas for changes in program administration and other suggestions for improvements.

The internship provider commits to

  • submit clearly outlined and informative descriptions of internship projects which provide information about specific tasks and envisioned learning outcomes for the future intern.
  • appoint a mentor to the intern who will be in regular contact with the intern and who will be ‘on duty’ and in the office for the better part of the internship.
  • provide adequate workspace.
  • support the intern in finding a suitable place to stay during the internship and in making first appointments with the necessary authorities.
  • hold at least two in-depth conversations about expectations, tasks and learning outcomes in the context of the internship project with the intern, one at the beginning of his/her time in Germany, one at the end.
  • issue a letter or recommendation based on performance during the internship if asked for one by the intern. (Find a document form here.)

The scholarship holder commits to

  • adhere to all rules and regulations agreed upon with the internship provider as well as DAAD’s program rules.
  • immediately inform DAAD, as well as the internship provider, should any problems or changes occur that might affect the internship.
  • do his/her best to successfully complete the internship.
  • be open-minded about his or her stay in another country, people and living conditions, and especially about his/her new colleagues. Be pro-active when it comes to exchange!
  • network with other DAAD/RISE scholarship holders in the region and to be helpful to new arrivals.
  • submit all reports and other documents requested by DAAD at the end of his/her scholarship period.


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