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DAAD - Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst / German Academic Exchange Service
wandel durch austausch. change by exchange.

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Development co-operation

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The DAAD Foundation

Stiftung Ilse Müller Herr Bode
The first donator Ilse Müller and DAAD Secretary General Christian Bode signing the endowment treaty.
The amount we can afford to spend on international understanding, co-operation and open-minded education must not be subject purely to the whims of the public purse. This is why we set up the DAAD Foundation on the occasion of the DAAD’s 75th anniversary in Summer 2000. If you share our vision, then why not become part of realising that vision?
  • Do you want to support young, talented scholars from Germany and abroad and make it possible for them to pursue academic studies?
  • Do you believe it important to prepare the next generation for the challenges of an ever more demanding and tightly networked world of work by enabling them to gain language and technical skills abroad?
  • Have you always wanted to make a contribution to international understanding and cross cultural competence?

You can do all this by making a contribution to the DAAD Foundation.

How to give

In essence, there are two ways you can contribute to the foundation’s success.

1. You can make a one-off donation for a specific measure e.g.:

  • university summer school (euro 1,000);
  • semester scholarship (approx. euro 3,100 for undergraduates, approx. euro 4,100 for (post)graduates);
  • scholarship for one academic year (approx. euro 12,000 for undergraduates, approx. euro 15,000 for (post)graduates);
  • visiting lectureship for one semester (approx euro 15,400);
  • one-year lectureship or post-doc fellowship (approx. euro 30,700);
  • project partnership under the Berlin Artists-in-Residence Programme (from approx. euro 10,300).

Smaller donations are also welcome. These will be gathered until the amount   is sufficient to fund one of the above.

2. You can give a capital sum, through which sufficient proceeds are generated year on year to finance one or more of the above forms of funding. This will allow your endowment contribution – and your name, should you so wish – to be "immortalised”.

What you receive from us in return:

  • invitations to meetings for scholarship holders;
  • the opportunity to meet your funding recipients in person;
  • our magazine "DAAD Letter- the DAAD Alumni magazine" on a regular basis;
  • membership of the "Friends of the DAAD” (dependent on the amount of the donation).
Date: 2009-10-26
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