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German-Arabic Transformation Partnership                                               

Cooperation with Higher Education Institutions in Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Libya and Morocco 


The German-Maghrebinian cooperation in education and research is based on a long tradition. The Arabic Spring introduced a new era and created chances for more and intensive cooperation and projects between higher education institutions and individuals.

Since 2011, Germany accompanies the political changes in the Arab region through the transformation partnership programme. University education as well as academic cooperation play an important role in times of social and political change. It is the task of universities to create academic training possibilities and capabilities of scientific innovation of these countries, and furthermore, to be a space of negotiation and positioning.

The programme of the German-Arab Transformation Partnership created additional chances for the development of reforms in Arabic universities and the cooperation with German partners. Within the collaboration between German and Arabic universities, modernization in teaching, structural development in scientific research and management as well as the improvement of graduate employability play a crucial role in the Arabic partner institutions and are the center of the cooperation projects.

The current destination countries of the transformation partnership are Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Libya and Morocco. There is the possibility to apply for cooperations with universities in further Arabic countries, such as Egypt, within the programme „Hochschuldialog mit der islamischen Welt“.

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