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German-Arab Transformation Partnership 2020

German-Arab short-term measures with partner universities in Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq

The application needs to be handed in by the German university or research institute

In times of social and political change, international university partnerships provide critical platforms for exchange and support. Germany has been monitoring the political unrest in the Arab region since 2011 within the scope of this programme. DAAD has followed the developments in the region closely and has developed specially-tailored funding programmes to support the ongoing transformation process. The German-Arab Transformation Partnership paves the way, proposing measures and providing opportunities for collaboration. Funds for the various partnerships and projects are provided by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office.

Application deadlines:

- 31.12.2019 for activities between 01.04 and 31.12.2020

- 01.04.2020 for activities between 01.07 and 31.12.2020

- 01.07.2020 for activities between 01.10 and 31.12.2020

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The DAAD Tunis offers webinars as virtual events for presentations, information and consultation. Webinars happens live on the internet under professional moderation. These one hour long webcasts are free of charge. Please check our Webinar Calendar for more information.

International Mobility and Cooperation through Digitalisation 

Access to and participation in research and higher education are becoming increasingly global. Physical mobility coupled with virtual access, teaching and cooperation options open up potential for rapid structural change with fundamental shifts in learning, knowledge and skills acquisition, as well as for international cooperation opportunities. Thus, universities get innovative possibilities to develop physical and virtual mobility opportunities for their students across borders with appealing partners and to offer students clearly structured and administratively secured forms of digital participation in international educational programmes, also as a way to attract highly qualified international students. This results in the sustainable development of local teaching and learning conditions and in the establishment of new forms of international cooperation. Among other things, this requires an increased alignment of teaching and students’ mentoring to the model of the Student Journey.

In order to support the internationalisation and profile development of German universities through the digitalisation of teaching and student mobility, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) relies on the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to fund the "International Mobility and Cooperation through Digitalisation" programme.

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