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Alumni Spring School Global Transformation towards Sustainability APRIL 1—10, 2019 BONN, GERMANY

The University of Bonn and the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) are partners in the Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research. In a joint Spring School we invite African Germany-Alumni from any field of study and Alumni of the Managing Global Governance Academy (MGG) of the DIE to come to Bonn, Germany in April 2019.

Application Deadline: December 31, 2018


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Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (KA107) - What to expect in 2019

The 2019 call for proposals for Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility – ICM or KA107 for short – will be the fifth and penultimate call of the current programme. With only two calls to go, the priority is to ensure stability and keep changes to a minimum. The new features outlined below respond either to a demand from programme beneficiaries, or to the changing Partner Country landscape. The information below is only a snapshot of the main changes planned, and universities should consult the 2019 Programme Guide and supporting documents when preparing their application.

The deadline for applications is on 5 February 2019 at 12:00 (Brussels time, CET)

Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (KA107) - What to expect in 2019

EU-Southern Mediterranean cooperation through Erasmus+

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Call for Applications: German-Arab Transformation Partnership: Cooperation with Higher Education Institutions in Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Libya and Morocco 

Since 2011, Germany accompanies the political changes in the ‘Arab region through the transformation partnership programme. University education as well as academic cooperation play an important role in times of social and political change. It is the task of universities to create academic training possibilities and capabilities of scientific innovation of these countries, and furthermore, to be a space of negotiation and positioning. The programme of the German-Arab Transformation Partnership created additional chances for the development of reforms in Arabic universities and the cooperation with German partners. Within the collaboration between German and Arabic university modernization in teaching, structural development in scientific research and management as well as the improvement of graduate employability play a crucial role at the Arabic partner institutions and are the center of the cooperation projects.

More details: German-Arab Transformation Partnership PROGRAMMES

Libyan delegation conducted by Vice-Presidents of the Misurata University at the DAAD Office in Tunis


A delegation from the Misurata University came to the DAAD office in Tunis on October 5th, 2018 for an introductory and informative meeting.

The Misurata University is one of the most innovative universities in Libya. Numerous cooperations already exist with universities in France, Italy and Spain. Now they want to establish cooperations with German universities. Therefore, the delegation members were interested in the cooperation programs of the DAAD.

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The DAAD Tunis offers webinars as virtual events for presentations, information and consultation. Webinars happens live on the internet under professional moderation. These one hour long webcasts are free of charge. Please check our webinarcalendar for more information.


DAAD boosts the academic cooperation with Libya

The university cooperation and the academic exchange with Libya give important inputs to the political process and have signaling effect. Despite the unstable situation in the country, the universities are functioning well, regular teaching and research operations are taking place and foreign relations are maintained. There is a high interest from Libyan partners and students in cooperation and exchange with Germany.

For decades, the DAAD has promoted academic cooperation with Libya and offers scholarships to students and scholars from Libya to study and research in Germany. University cooperation is funded by projects within the framework of the program “German-Arab Transformation Partnership”.

Last year 25 Libyans, with DAAD scholarships, had the opportunity to study and research in Germany. Also for 2018/19, Libyan applicants have successfully applied for a DAAD scholarship. We congratulate Mr. Belnaser Busnena from the University of Benghazi on the DAAD doctoral scholarship and Mr. Melad Haweyou, also from the University of Benghazi, on the DAAD EPOS scholarship.

You can find the Scholarships for Libyans here:

We are happy to receive your applications!


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