RISE - Research Internships in Science and Engineering

Good research relies on cooperation, and international teamwork is becoming increasingly important. As a result, scientists and engineers with international experience are increasingly sought after in both business and academia.

This is why DAAD (the German Academic Exchange Service) has created a number of exciting program opportunities under the "RISE umbrella" for students on both sides of the Atlantic who are interested in gaining research and work experience in an international setting.


Within the program of RISE worldwide, students in the early stages of their studies who have an excellent background in the fields of engineering, natural sciences, medicine, and related disciplines, including earth sciences, and the ambition to work abroad and gain hands-on research experience in their fields will be matched with researchers worldwide who wish to engage in a meaningful cooperation with a young German research assistant. DAAD will support these short-term summer internships by awarding scholarships to successful applicants to help cover part of the living and travel costs.

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How do I become an internship provider for a German student?

RISE Internship provider

Rise Worldwide 2018

RISE worldwide is starting the next round: For summer 2018 we are again asking for internship offers giving German undergraduate students the possibility to intern worldwide. 

Internship projects can be submitted online at


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RISE worldwide 

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