Learning German


Learning German

As part of the “Germany image abroad” measures the German Representation Office has developed an online German quiz. This will be available for the next four weeks starting from today. The quiz can be made by anyone, but prizes can be only won by Palestinians from East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
At midnight December 15, 2017 the winners will be drawn from all submissions! The quiz website can be accessed via the following link: http://deutschquiz.ps/

Prizes to be won are:
- A German course in Germany as the main prize
- A German course at the Goethe Institut in Ramallah (100% acceptance of course fees)
- A German course at the Goethe Institut in Ramallah (50% acceptance of course fees)
as well as 10 surprise bags as consolation prizes.

If you have any questions, you can contact the German Representative Office directly via info@rama.diplo.de

Arabic Announcement

German/English Announcement 

Did you know that German is

  • the most widely spoken first language in Europe with about 100 million native speakers?
  • the 2nd most commonly used scientific language with 18 % of the world's books published in German?
  • the most commonly used language on the internet after English?

Despite of the fact that German universities offer more and more programs in English, it is indespensible to have a certain proficiency in the German language.

The question is how much German do I need in Germany?

So there can be no doubt, whether you are studying in German or doing an International Degree Program in English, you will need to speak German to study in Germany.

So learn German before you leave at

And now also at Birzeit University 

And continue learning German once you have arrived in Germany


All information about German courses in Germany

German tests for university admission except for the International Degree Programs, which are taught in English

The language of instruction at German universities is usually German. You therefore need to be proficient in German to study and have to provide proof. There are two tests you can take to prove your knowledge: