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DAAD Hochschuldialog

15 Mahalle  meets  Stadtquar/er   An  Inter-­‐cultural  Dialogue  on  Social  Inclusion  and  Governance   Partner  Ci/es  and  Ins/tutes     Host:  TU  Berlin,  Department  of   Architecture,  Habitat  Unit  (Chair   of  Interna;onal  Urbanism  and   Design)   Prof.  Dr.  Philipp  Misselwitz   Dr.  M.  Reza  Shirazi     Partners:   Ins;tute  for  Urban  and  Territorial   Planning  (INAU),  Rabat   University  of  Tehran,  Tehran   Mimar  Sinan  University,  Istanbul     Projektportrait   The  “Mahalle  meets  Stadtquar;er”  project  intends  to  provide  a   plaNorm  for  inter-­‐cultural  dialogue  to  revisit  the  concept  of   neighbourhood  in  different  contexts,  discover  its  poten;ali;es,   recognize  its  limita;ons  and  risks,  and  plan  for  its  future.  The   hypothesis  is  that  beSer  mutual  understanding  will  help  to   address  conflicts  and  collisions  that  emerge  between  different   every  day  prac;ces  within  urban  quarters  or  different  cultures  of   appropria;ng  public  space.   Zielgruppe   A  series  of  three  PhD   Colloquia,  held  annually   in  one  of  the  partner   ci;es,  invites  academics   and  PhD  candidates   form  partner  countries   to  share  and  exchange   their  achievements  and   findings  with  other   scholars  and  students.     Maßnahmen  2014   First  ac;vity:   Contact  trips  by  three   representa;ves  from  TU   Berlin  to  partner  ci;es.   Second  ac;vity:   3-­‐day  kick-­‐off  mee;ng  (4-­‐6   May  2014)  in  Berlin  with   representa;ves  of  partner   ci;es.   Third  ac;vity:   The  first  PhD  Colloquium  (9-­‐ days)  held  in  Istanbul   (September  2014)  involving   28  PhD  candidates  from  all   partner  countries.     Kernziele  des  Projekts   •  Revisi;ng  the  concept  of  neighbourhood  in  the  way  they  have   emerged  and  developed  in  different  socio-­‐cultural  contexts   •  Establishing  a  plaNorm  for  knowledge  and  experience  exchange     •  Module  development  by  the  ac;ve  par;cipa;on  of  the  partner   universi;es  and  curriculum  development  for  the  joint  PhD   programme   •  Transfer  of  experience  and  knowledge  exchange  between  the   partner  countries,  ci;es,  and  universi;es   finanziert  aus  MiSeln  des  Auswär;gen  Amtes  (AA)