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DAAD Hochschuldialog

12 Inter-Culture Dialogue with Palestine through Exchange and Academic Cooperation (PalestineCD) Fakten Partnerland Palestine Fachbereich Electrical Engineering Hochschule Deutschland Universität Duisburg-Essen (DUE) Projektverantwortlich Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kaiser Hochschule Partnerland Al-Quds University (AQU) Projektverantwortlich Dr.-Ing. Samer Bali Projektportrait The Institute of Digital Signal Processing (DSV) at DUE is planning to establish a new partnership with the Muslim world through subject-related cooperation based on shared academic interests. DSV has focused on RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology in the last few years which is well known as a cheap and sufficient technology for solving logistical as well as large data handling challenges. PalestineCD will establish regional teaching and research network between Germany and Palestine in electrical engineering field. In addition, PalestineCD will facilitate advances in academic structures at AQU through students exchange, joint workshops, conferences, summer schools, and joint research and publications. Moreover, this project will be an excellent opportunity for women to enhance their academic situation and positions at AQU in particular. Zielgruppe • Academic Staff • Researchers • Students (specially females) Maßnahmen 2014  Start-up Meeting in January at DUE  Meeting/Workshop in April at DUE – Team building and Tasks distribution  Summer School in June at DUE – First student group visit to Germany  Two Palestinian M.Sc. Students exchange for 6 months at DUE  Meeting/Workshop in October at DUE finanziert aus Mitteln des Auswärtigen Amtes (AA) Kernziele des Projekts  Establish new partnership between DUE & AQU through cooperation based on shared academic interests  Construct a typical environment in which religious and overall cultural differences and similarities can be identified and absorbed into the cooperation process  Modernize teaching and establish a network of institutions