International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP)

DAAD/Norbert Hüttermann

International Study and Training Partnerships (ISAP) are institutional cooperative structures between German and international universities, in which groups of highly qualified German and international students can complete a fully recognised part of their degree programme at a partner university.


The current call for applications for funding from WS 2020/2021 onwards is published now (application deadline: October 15, 2019).

Next call for apllications for funding from WS 2021/2022 onwards will be published in the mid of June 2020 (application deadline: mid of October 2020).


ISAP contributes towards the internationalisation of the participating universities by means of institutional cooperative structures, e.g. through the agreement of credit transfer rules, joint curriculum development or the preparation of double degrees.

The partnerships are intended to run for a longer period in principle. The German universities are encouraged to create the foundations for ongoing, mutual exchange by providing an attractive range of programmes for international students.

ISAP can be funded in all subject areas; however, the student exchange must take place within the framework of subject-related partnerships (at institute, subject area or departmental level).

Because the EU mobility programmes have similar objectives, partnerships with universities in Erasmus programme countries cannot be funded under the ISAP programme.

Programme objectives

Concrete programme objectives, medium and long-term goals The aim of the programme is the development of ongoing cooperative partnerships between German and international universities through the mutual exchange of students and lecturers.

Call for applications

International Study and Training Partnerships (current call)


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